5 career lessons from Chris Shupe, founder of the CareerHacker Data Analyst mentorship program

Chris Shupe is the founder of the CareerHacker Data Analyst Mentorship program. Growing up in San Jose, California, and now residing in Central Florida, he attended college for four years to study economics.

Chris’ vision was that of the classic American teenager: a fulfilling career that pays well, providing security through financial stability with additional promotions and perks over the years. He devoted four years to formal higher education, as one would expect for children of his generation. However, the desired career did not materialize, which proved very frustrating for Chris.

Reflecting on his choices, Chris soon realized that he had done nothing wrong, but rather that the old college model imposed on him by society was outdated and no longer working. Teachers implanted the vision of college, indoctrinating the path as the “only way” and overestimating the chances of success afterwards, which most inexperienced teenagers naively accept.

Some see success, but every year more college graduates end up regretting their decisions when their lives don’t turn out the way the school system implies. Chris Shupe is one such graduate, but he’s not one to cry over spilled milk. Chris became a server assistant after graduating from college without the luck of even finding a full-time, entry-level job.

The job market just wasn’t that impressed with his college degree. At this point, Chris was in debt for a degree that apparently wasn’t worth much. Chris started working on his own with spreadsheets and databases, and began to learn data analysis skills. His new knowledge of data landed Chris a full-time office job with the Nielsen company for $38,000.

He says his data skills weren’t actually necessary for the job, but they helped him stand out from other applicants. Just 11 months later, Chris moved on to a new venture earning $70,000 a year as a data analyst. A few years later, he moved on to a well-paying position even farther away and took the opportunity to travel and live in countries around the world, including Colombia, Brazil, Canada, the United Kingdom, India. Spain, Switzerland and Hungary.

Chris is now the founder of the CareerHacker Data Analyst Mentorship. He and his team take people looking for a new career or unhappy with their current jobs, whether due to lack of pay, fulfillment or freedom, and help them become data analysts. .

Chris thinks data analytics is a great career path because of its market economy: the demand for the job is high and the supply is low. This means companies are prepared to offer high salaries and excellent benefits, and there are plenty of job opportunities.

We caught up with Chris to get his top tips for career success. Here are his top 5 tips in his own words:

1) Be crystal clear about what you want in a career.
Most people know what they do NOT want, but few people really take the time to clarify what they do want. Many of us have a vague idea of ​​“something better” that we would like to achieve in the future. Maybe we want better pay, more meaningful work, more freedom, or financial independence.

These things are all great, but they are vague. Ask yourself: what salary would you be satisfied with? What does “freedom” mean specifically to you? » Etc. Many people are afraid to specify what they want because they are afraid of not getting it. Which is fair enough, but the problem is that it’s pretty hard to get somewhere if you don’t specify where you want to go.

2) Use your resources.
It’s easy to find excuses to avoid doing what it takes to achieve your goals. “I don’t know how to do this.” “I have no experience in this area.” “I don’t have a degree in this area.” Turn those useless excuses into useful questions. “How can I learn to do this? “How can I practice this to gain experience?” “Do I even need a degree, or can I learn on my own or with a mentor?”

Once you start thinking this way, you realize that in fact, you have the resources to learn just about anything you want, all at your fingertips. Just do a quick web search for “how to learn JavaScript”, “how to change a radiator”, “how to build a treehouse”. Just about anything you can think of, you can learn.

3) Find a mentor.
Whatever you want to accomplish, chances are other people have already done it. Find someone who has done what you want to do and ask that person to help you. You can find online mentoring programs in just about any field you can imagine. They tend to be a bit pricey, since you’re asking already successful people to share their time, but the payoff of having a good mentor is usually many times the asking price.

4) stay focused.
If you are trying to take a big leap in your career, you will definitely encounter obstacles. When encountering obstacles, most people give up and go back to what they are comfortable with, or jump ship and try something completely different instead. Resist these temptations. Commit to your goal and your process for achieving it, keep moving forward each day, and find a way around the obstacle whenever an obstacle presents itself. If you do it regularly, success is inevitable.

5) have faith.
Many people think of motivation as something that “happens” to people. That some people are driven and others are lazy. Few people ask “why?”. The most important reason, in my experience, is faith. People who believe they can and will achieve their goals do. Their faith gives them the energy they need to go through the process until they are successful.

On the other hand, people who doubt they will be successful have a hard time. Maybe they doubt that success is possible, they doubt their process, they doubt their mentors or even they doubt themselves. Doubt is what creates laziness. If you doubt your hard work is paying off, then why work hard in the first place? If you want to have the motivation to achieve your goals, dismiss all voices of doubt and think thoughts of faith over and over again until it is your habitual way of thinking. This is the key to endless energy and motivation.

This information helped Chris Shupe land a $70,000 a year data analyst career within 12 months of learning basic data skills and is now propelling his coaching business. If you are looking to get in touch with Chris, you can do so here:

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Posted on December 11, 2021

Sean N. Ayres