7,854 Taiwanese students panic as e-portfolios disappear following failed data migration | Taiwan News

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A total of 7,854 Taiwanese high school students who uploaded their e-portfolios (e-portfolios) between September 5 and Wednesday, September 22 may never see their work again following a disastrous data migration performed by National Chi Nan University, according to a statement released on Saturday, September 25.

The education ministry said it was outsourcing a private company to retrieve 25,210 missing files from 7,854 e-portfolios, which show students’ learning progress and academic performance. Up to 81 schools across the country have been affected.

The culprit, a team from National Chi Nan University, had been tasked with migrating the huge datasets to a new virtual server. This was supposed to be a precautionary measure to reduce the risk of cyber attack from distributed data storage, in accordance with Taiwan’s Cyber ​​Security Management Act.

The ministry explained that files uploaded before September 5 had already been backed up and had not been affected. Authorities will provide a list of all students with missing data so they can seek redress and ensure their university admission applications are not affected.

The ministry apologized for the crash and vowed to protect the data with ongoing backups against various threats or other human error, according to the declaration.

Sean N. Ayres