Acertus Appoints Eric Hanson as Principal Data Scientist | News

Hanson quits his role as a data scientist at Brownells, which supplies gun parts and accessories. Hanson has also worked in recruitment and education.

His responsibilities at Acertus will include data mining and analysis to create process, product and pricing optimizations, as well as the design and development of machine learning and predictive AI algorithms to automate processes. .

Blair Koch, chief digital officer at Acertus, said Hanson’s background in math and data science, along with his experience in data applications and coding, will provide the company with a data-driven approach to marketing. product optimization. “Eric will not only add a new level of expertise to this growing practice, but also ensure that we take a data-driven approach to product optimization,” Koch said.

Hanson added, “Acertus’ breadth of data has immense potential to drive efficiencies throughout the finished vehicle supply chain. Our goal is to unlock this potential through data science and make data a core driver of operations to optimize and improve the Acertus experience. I look forward to building and leading a team of data scientists to support the organization in this effort. »

Automakers are working with logistics service providers and technology partners to address issues currently facing the outbound supply chain at a time when U.S. vehicle production is struggling to keep up with demand due to parts shortages. OEMs are collaborating with outbound logistics providers and seeking better visibility, digitization, data and collaboration, which was discussed at the recent Finished Vehicle Logistics North America conference, which included input from Acertus CEO Trent Broberg.

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Sean N. Ayres