ACERTUS Hires Dr. Eric Hanson as Senior Data Analyst | Business

“With his knowledge of data science principles and algorithms and his experience in several data science applications and coding languages, Eric will not only add a new level of expertise to this growing practice, but will also ensure that we take a data-driven approach to product optimization, ”added Blair Koch, ACERTUS digital director. “Today, ACERTUS technology promises improved efficiency, increased transparency and convenience. Tomorrow it will meet the growing needs and expectations of customers and create a breakthrough in the industry as the only market to connect shippers, carriers, drivers, title and registration processors, storage facilities and compliance experts.

As the only company to move, store, recondition, titrate and deliver vehicles, ACERTUS is actively adapting its technology and building an omnichannel market to further leverage its vertical integration strategy. The company is growing at a record pace and was recently recognized by Inc. Magazine for the third consecutive year as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

“The breadth of ACERTUS data has immense potential to drive efficiencies throughout the finished vehicle supply chain,” said Hanson. “Our goal is to unlock this potential through data science and make data a critical engine of operations to optimize and improve the ACERTUS experience. I look forward to building and leading a team of data scientists to support the organization in this effort.

Sean N. Ayres