Ad agency dramatically cuts NetApp costs with Datadobi data migration

New York-based branding and design agency CBX has migrated 20 TB (terabytes) of data from end-of-life NetApp storage to new hardware from the same vendor using Datadobi migration tools.

Migration was about half of the total cost of upgrading storage, but datadobi costs much less than the “six figures” demanded by NetApp.

CBX has worked with brands such as BP, Bayer, Disney, P&G, Lidl, Walmart and Starbucks. It has 70 employees across two locations in New York and Minneapolis, and most of its computing needs focus on large graphics, images, and video files using the Adobe suite, including Photoshop and Illustrator.

By 2020, it had reached end-of-life with its existing NetApp seven-mode OnTap operating system, so no additional firmware, patches, or upgrades would be available and warranty support was to end.

CBX decided to stick with NetApp storage, but that meant upgrading to the latest version of OnTap, requiring around 20TB to be migrated without business interruption.

At each location, 30 TB of NetApp raw storage on SAS rotating disc– FAS 2720 filers equipped with the latest OnTap operating system have been deployed.

CBX’s IT manager, Don Piraino, said his main concern was that the data would move from one operating system to another, despite it being two versions of NetApp’s OnTap and one. access through SME/NFS.

“There is no VM [virtual machines] and no SAN [storage area network], so it was pretty vanilla,” Piraino said. “But OnTap was completely new to me, so there was a certain level of concern. We wanted to be absolutely sure of the integrity of the data and to keep the data available and online during the whole process.”

Initially, the Piraino team turned to NetApp to perform the migration, but the storage vendor wanted to charge “six figures” for it, so CBX looked elsewhere and ultimately chose Datadobi’s DobiMigrate, which cost “a third” of NetApp’s cost. Estimate.

The DobiMigrate license cost was based on the capacity being moved and the process was simple, Piraino said.

“You install it, run it, and the core engine manages the whole process. Proxy servers are installed to do the heavy lifting,” he said. “They identify the data volumes and you define the source and target locations. You can also limit the movement of data to make the most of periods of silence on the network. »

First, the data was moved to new storage in Minneapolis, then to New York. NetApp’s SnapMirror replication was then put in place between them and failover to the new systems took place. The whole process took two months.

Piraino said he hadn’t calculated the benefits in terms of numbers, but the Datadobi solution had cost significantly less than the service offered by NetApp. Even so, the cost of migration was half of the total cost of the storage upgrade.

Datadobi’s cost also included support and a staff member assigned to the project, which was a key benefit for Piraino.

“I was really convinced that the help I received and getting that extra help to make sure everything was going well was invaluable,” he said. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and having someone on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly is worth a lot for little extra cost.”

Sean N. Ayres