ASU alum lands data analyst job after week of search

September 9, 2022

Former Arizona State University political science student Emiliano Galvan is satisfied that his original post-college plan is different from what he once thought it would be.

As a freshman entering the School of Politics and Global Studies, Galvan was determined to attend law school after graduating. However, after spending years studying political science, earning both his Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees, Galvan was encouraged to apply for doctoral programs to further his studies and his passion.

Emiliano Galvan
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After considering the financial burden of higher education, Galvan decided to reconsider higher education down the line.

“Emi was part of our Early start program as an incoming freshman in political science, and he was successful while in college and now after graduation because he was open-minded about different opportunities and paths regarding his professional career,” said Gina Woodalllecturer at ASU.

“He also realized that building and maintaining relationships with faculty, peers and alumni was crucial.”

Thanks to the foundation Galvan received from ASU, it only took him a week to land a job.

To OH Predictive Insights, Galvan works as a political data analyst, writing scripts for Arizona and Nevada political climate updates, modeling methodology, and analyzing data for clients.

“What makes OH Predictive Insights special is that we take our time to tell our customers what the numbers mean and provide insights that help them improve and answer their questions,” said Galvan.

Galvan enjoys working with a hands-on company that allows him to develop his passion and skills.

There were many opportunities that Galvan took advantage of during his time at ASU, which allowed him to build trust and relationships, including the Legislative and Government Internship in Arizona and work with Kim Fridkinfull professor at the School of Politics and Global Studies, in the Experimental laboratory.

“Overall, I am very grateful to all of my mentors and teachers who have watched over me and helped me succeed. If it hadn’t been for the faculty at (the School of Politics and global studies), I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Galvan said.

Galvan encourages current ASU students to truly connect with faculty, do everything you can in four years, and always remember to take care of yourself.

“At the end of the day, life unfolds and things change, but the best advice while you’re at university is to become the best learner you can be. It will allow you to adapt and build a resume while doing it,” Galvan said.

Galvan says he uses his degree every day, not just at work, but in life.

“My degree taught me to think critically and allowed me to continue learning throughout life,” Galvan said.

Although his time at ASU is over, Galvan is a proud alumnus of a community that will continue to endure well beyond his college years.

“There are other Sun Devils all over the world, and you never know when it might connect you with someone and the opportunities that might come from that,” Galvan said.

Sean N. Ayres