CC Young & Co – Junior Data Scientist (United Kingdom)

Based in the City of London, CC Young & Co is a leading music accounting and tax consulting firm. CC Young & Co. provides accounting, auditing and tax services to clients in the music industry.

Over the past 23 years, CC Young & Co. has experienced continuous growth and now has departments specializing in taxation, touring, recording, publishing, business management services for artists and artists. managers and royalty audits.
She is looking for a Junior Data Scientist to join the Digital Royalties team.

Who are you:

We are looking for a data-oriented individual who has a strong passion for all things data science with a keen interest in innovative technologies within the music streaming industry.

The ideal candidate is looking to step into a career that matches their overwhelming passion for data. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone to expand their knowledge of python and new machine learning techniques to help create innovative methods of music royalty storage and analysis for artists around the world. .

You will have a team spirit and be ready to spend time deepening your knowledge of python and new machine learning techniques to help create innovative methods of storing and analyzing musical royalties for artists around the world. whole.

What will you do:
  • You will participate in the creation of ETL pipelines and the creation of machine learning models classify, transform and cleanse royalty data for our new data warehouse;
  • Once the models are trained to an appropriate degree, you will help put them into production environment;
  • Responsible for collecting, maintaining and updating training datasets / mapping datasets to test machine learning models using various measures of accuracy as a guide to success;
  • Other tasks will allow you to participate in ongoing royalty audits, evaluations and data visualizations.
  • It will also be possible to participate in various internal projects such as ARIMA time lag analysis, counterpoint and sage data extractions / imports, the use of browser automations (i.e. Selenium) .
Skills and qualifications
  • Master in Data Science desirable;
  • Excellent oral communication;
  • Excellent written communication;
  • Python and Jupyter Labs / Notebook experience;
  • Extensive use of the Pandas library, as well as experience with ETL and SQL procedures;
  • A fundamental understanding of machine learning models, ensemble methods, neural networks;
  • experience with the Sci-kit learning library and Keras Neural Networks;
  • Intermediate knowledge of T-SQL queries;
  • Use of visualization tools such as Power BI and or Tablaeu;
  • Previous use of Selenium or other browser automation techniques;
  • Use of cloud platforms (Snowflake or Azure) and analysis tools such as Alteryx;
  • Use of ODBC connections, especially in python and
  • Intermediate / advanced skills in MS Excel (power pivot, macros, etc.)
Knowledge and attitudes and behaviors required
  • A team player with a willingness to learn
  • A passion for music royalties and knowledge of editing and recording revenue streams.
  • Previous experience in the area of ​​music royalties, in particular in the management and analysis of artist / songwriter royalty data.
  • Ability to multitask;
  • Organized;
  • Good use of time management;
  • Ability to prioritize workload;
  • Ability to work well with others.
Equal opportunities

CC Young & Co Ltd is committed to promoting equal opportunities for all staff and employment candidates. We aim to create a working environment in which all individuals are able to make the most of their skills, without discrimination, and in which all decisions are based on deserved.

Please apply at [email protected]

Sean N. Ayres