Chicago-based entrepreneur and data scientist Shashank Agarwal shares golden nuggets for leading a digital nomad lifestyle

With the advent of the internet and smartphone technology, it is becoming easier and easier for people to step away from their 9 to 5 jobs and work remotely. However, this relatively new lifestyle has its own challenges, including isolation, lack of self-care, and difficulty staying productive. Nevertheless, there is someone helping everyone, dipping his toes into the location-independent way of life, Shashank Agarwal. The young data scientist encourages his fellow digital nomads to live better lives by sharing his experiences on Expanding Ourselves. He frequently shares valuable insights on maintaining a self-improvement routine for anyone working remotely.

According to him, the most important thing to establishing a digital nomad lifestyle is to first get a fully remote job or become an online freelancer and create an optimal daily routine. Time management is key to maintaining a delicate balance as a digital nomad. With all the demands one would likely face, burning a set schedule will help establish routines that could be catalysts for one’s success. Establishing a schedule for dedicated work provides a clearer idea of ​​when to work, when to travel, when to relax, and how to budget the time. Additionally, Shashank believes that multitasking can provide many benefits when done right. However, if handled poorly, it can be an absolute killer for the digital nomad’s A game. Taking one thing at a time and not overloading yourself, especially in the beginning as a digital nomad, will establish a healthy pattern. It also touches on the mental health aspect of digital nomads, which can be difficult to maintain when they work in isolation and are the only person to handle all the online hustle and bustle. “With so many things along the way that can stress you out, you’ll need something to promote balance. Whether it’s yoga, running errands, or hitting the gym, regular exercise will do the trick. wonders for your overall performance as a digital nomad.” Says, Shashank Agarwal

Shashank is passionate about solving global problems and as a data analyst he uses an analytical approach to deliver effective solutions. On his personal website Expanding Ourselves., he talks about a variety of topics including finding passion, mental wellness, growth mindset, fitness, coding and analytics, and some of the most valuable skills leading to success in the digital entrepreneurship lifestyle. . And to provide people with a practical example to draw inspiration from, he shares his life experience as a digital nomad who is on top of his game in terms of health, wealth and productivity. on Shashank Agarwal’s blog and absorb all the key insights he shares.

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