Cloudera Collaborates to Bridge the Data Analyst Gap

Cloudera Collaborates to Bridge the Data Analyst Gap

Cloudera is working with industry partners to help bridge the data skills gap, with the company recently announcing a collaboration with Generation Australia that will support the data analysts of tomorrow.

Despite a significant global talent shortage in the technology sector, data analyst roles are one of its fastest growing professions. Businesses today struggle to find people with the specialized skills needed to understand, manage, and deliver insights from the billions of gigabytes of data produced around the clock.

Closer to home, the current lack of skilled workers in Australia is holding back progress in business transformation and growth. As the Australian Information Industry Association’s 2022 annual survey points out, three-quarters of businesses (75%) expect their revenue to increase by at least 5%, but fear that skills shortages will stop progress.

Overall, the majority (75%) of respondents said they were actively recruiting staff and looking outside Australia to fill gaps. In fact, the industry reported a 20% decline in local talent acquisition (65% in 2022 vs. 85% in 2021).

To share important insights into the power of data and open up dynamic discussions about the need for skills, Cloudera recently hosted Evolve 2022, a one-day event in Sydney. With speaker and peer-to-peer sessions as well as networking opportunities, the event brought together industry innovators, analytics experts and data scientists to give attendees direct access to industry leaders. opinions that define the data industry today.

“We know the demand for data analysts will only continue to grow as companies capture more data and look for ways to maximize value and learn from it,” said Renee Dvir, A/ NZ Solutions Engineering Manager at Cloudera.

“At Cloudera, we strive to make data management quick and easy from a technology perspective and our work with Generation Australia is helping to create a broader and more diverse talent pool to help businesses achieve this.

“Diversifying and increasing the talent pool by offering programs to Australians at all stages of their careers can help improve not just individual businesses, but our economy and workforce as a whole.”

Jessica Dharmasiri (Head of Strategy and Projects at Generation Australia), guest speaker at Cloudera Evolve, is actively involved in diversifying and growing a data talent pool in Australia.

Earlier this year, Generation Australia, Microsoft and Cloudera co-designed an accelerated data analyst training program to address the skills shortage for entry-level talent in this field.

“The amount of data produced over the next three years is expected to exceed that of the past three decades, so there will remain a strong demand for this skill set,” Dharmasiri said.

“Generation Australia is thrilled to work with forward-thinking employers who recognize the immense power of data to deliver valuable business insights.”

Graduates of the new course will graduate on December 23, 2022 and entities with open positions that require diverse and motivated talent trained in both technical and soft skills are encouraged to connect with Generation Australia.

Image: Renee Dvir with speakers Jessica Dharmasiri (Generation Australia) and Adriano Pestana (Commonwealth Bank) at Cloudera Evolve.

Sean N. Ayres