Data Analyst at O’Brien Recruitment

Presentation Objective of the position:

A data analyst interprets data and transforms it into information that can offer ways to improve a business, thereby affecting business decisions. Data analysts gather information from a variety of sources and interpret patterns and trends – as such, a data analyst job description should highlight the analytical nature of the role. Once the data has been collected and interpreted, the data analyst will report what was found in an in-depth study to corporate/affected colleagues.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Make recommendations on the methods and means by which a company obtains and analyzes data to improve the quality and efficiency of our company’s data systems.

The job description should include, but not be limited to:

  • Develop business acumen and cultivate client relationships
  • Data collection and interpretation
  • Results analysis
  • Report results to relevant members of the company
  • Identify patterns and trends in data sets
  • Work alongside touchpoints with our customers to generate more useful and applicable data insights.
  • Help develop dashboards and KPIs to drive better business behavior for clients
  • Learn from and interact with senior analysts.
  • Always ensure the latest templates are used when preparing and submitting reports to clients

Determine the best method to collect, model, manipulate and present the data:

  • Stay up to date on industry trends, best practices and emerging methodologies
  • Follow appropriate analytical methodology, including:
    • Test strategy / baseline / measurement / comparators

Performs statistical analyzes to meet business needs:

  • Gathers required data and performs data analysis to meet needs
  • Evaluates, processes, analyzes and interprets statistical data
  • Interpret results using a variety of techniques, ranging from simple data aggregation to complex data mining and statistical modeling
  • Under direction, performs analysis and benefit/risk assessment to estimate outcomes and validate analysis

Communicate to share knowledge and discoveries:

  • Presents results in a way that trading partners can understand
  • Communicate the impact of proposed solutions to business partners

Documents the analytical methodologies used in the execution of analytical projects:

  • Participate in the knowledge sharing system to support the construction of iterative models
  • Translate scientific methodology into business terms.
  • Adheres to company information protection standards.

Quality and Environment

Actively contribute to the creation of a behavior-based culture of safety and well-being,

  • Look out for the well-being of others.
  • Quality from start to finish of any task undertaken.

Promote a positive Eyona culture

Help develop a team culture that enables our company to be the best team to work for and with.

  • Actively participate as a member of a united and aligned team.
  • Putting our customers, stakeholders and community at the heart of all decision-making.
  • Seek personal development opportunities, keep up to date with industry trends, and continually develop your own capabilities.

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Sean N. Ayres