Data analyst claims Meghan Markle’s Troll accounts are ‘incited’

According to data analytics firm Bot Sentinel, Meghan Markle’s troll accounts make money for YouTube by spreading hatred against her through their videos.

News week reports that Bot Sentinel investigated a hate ring targeting the Duchess of Sussex, who they say “earns thousands of dollars through YouTube advertising, which then acts as an incentive to continue creating more hate content.”

“I think it is unacceptable and heinous that people are making thousands of dollars every month from videos created to spread hatred, and platforms like YouTube encourage these people to keep creating more hateful content,” said Bot Sentinel founder Christopher Bouzy at Newsweek.

After examining Twitter trends in October, Bot Sentinel found that 70% of hate content targeting Meghan was produced by a core of 55 troll accounts. Bouzy says one account, Yankee Wally, generates $ 3,300 in ad revenue per month.

“Our research revealed that these accounts brazenly coordinate on the platform, and at least one account openly recruiting people to join their hate initiative on Twitter,” Sentinel said.

The data analytics company added, “We determined that Twitter had previously suspended 40% of primary accounts, and those accounts were using tactics to avoid the suspension. Some have put “parody” in their profiles, even if it was not a parody account. Others are said to use racist coded language about Meghan, Duchess of Sussex to avoid detection. “

Sean N. Ayres