Data Analyst – Gauteng Johannesburg

The role will be responsible for overseeing a range of data analytics, data science and clinical analytics teams in South Africa and coordinating with technical leads who will be based in Singapore. The objective of the role is to ensure fast, robust and accurate delivery of analytical products and frameworks. Effective communication between key stakeholders is essential to ensure delivery.
The role is based in South Africa.
Main responsibilities include:

  • Extraction of large sets of structured and unstructured data for a multitude of companies with different data structures
  • Ownership of data structures and relevant business logic by establishing standards and vision for standardized data sets
  • Support the design of data systems to ensure that data analysis takes place in an efficient, scalable and repeatable manner
  • Using data to find new insights to inform healthcare strategies and develop products – there will be a wide range of products to understand across clinical, operational, fraud, digital, sales and marketing, wellness, etc
  • Perform basic to advanced data analysis both ad hoc and in production
  • Present data and model results in a way that provides actionable insights
  • Connect with a multitude of local and international stakeholders to understand data, systems and analytics architecture in a healthcare context
  • Improve data processes and results where opportunities arise

In addition, you will have to contribute to the process of innovation and product creation.

Technical understanding

A practical understanding of the data used in healthcare is optimal because data forms the basis of products. As such, the following basic knowledge is required:

  • Work experience and skills in advanced SQL, Python and Excel are preferred
  • Practical understanding of advanced statistics, risk adjustment, and health outcome indices and measures
  • Practical understanding of data in at least 2 of the following areas of expertise: clinical, operations, fraud, digital, sales and marketing, wellness, etc.
  • Knowledge of databases and metadata structures, governance and standards, including data architecture principles, ETL/ELT, etc.
  • Knowledge of patient health management, provider profiling, healthcare reporting and other key healthcare technologies, etc.
  • Knowledge of clinical tools including coders, groupers and classifications
  • Knowledge of data science in healthcare
  • Understanding of healthcare benefit pricing, product pricing and other actuarial calculations (reserve, risk rating, etc.)
  • Experience in Microsoft Azure preferred (Databricks, Synapse, Data Factory, etc.)


Bachelor’s degree in actuarial science, statistics, health care or similar.
A master’s degree in a related field preferred.
Extensive experience in healthcare analytics.

Desired skills:

  • SQL
  • Python
  • ETL
  • ELT
  • Azure
  • Advanced Excel
  • Reports
  • Power BI

Desired work experience:

Desired level of qualification:

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Sean N. Ayres