Data analyst who works for SBIMF

The popular notion among a large segment of the population may be that a civil service job is armchair work. However, the job of a data analyst is industry-neutral and hectic, despite being a public or government service.

This is especially true in the case of Vikas Babel, who works as Vice President of Business Intelligence at State Bank Of India Mutual Fund (SBIMF), where his responsibility includes understanding, designing, analyzing data, visualization and creation of meaningful reports.

SBIMF is a joint venture between India’s largest bank – State Bank of India (SBI) and an international fund management company called Amundi. It provides different types of mutual funds, mutual fund calculators, mutual fund guide, investment sips, and more. to dozens of its customers around the world.

Babel’s role as a senior data science professional in a public office highlights how even government establishments are changing with the changing times. For this week’s edition of “The Day In The Life Of,” we caught up with him to learn more about his role on SBIMF.

A normal workday for Babel starts as early as 6 a.m. when he goes for a walk and takes time to do some exercise, before settling for his daily dose of news with a hot cup of masala tea.

As for his work, it starts at 9 am and can stretch until 8.30 pm in the evening. Depending on the responsibility and if he has to attend several meetings, his days can get longer.

“A lot of times deadlines are hard to meet, which means overtime at work, but my wife is very understanding and supportive,” Babel says when asked about meetings and office hours that take away from her time. staff.

However, he states that his weekends are for spending time with his family and admits that he is a social butterfly.

He is currently part of several projects, “There are several projects we are working on. We have a lot of reports on the Business Intelligence tool (Power BI), Analytics programming on R and detailed analyzes on SSRS reports,” Babel points out.

When it comes to her job, Babel feels that her company has given her the right platform to excel and grow professionally. When asked about his career plans, he replies, “Create more knowledge about the benefits of analytics and how the business can leverage and grow.”

Sean N. Ayres