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Main Responsibilities –

  • Perform requirements analysis of assigned projects to ensure proper mapping of requirements to solution design
  • Carry out the development of data science solutions, including:
  • Perform exploratory data analysis,
  • Carry out statistical modeling of the data,
  • Build descriptive/predictive/prescriptive models,
  • Experimentation with tests and validation,
  • Running Model Optimization
  • Provide high quality solutions to meet project requirements using state of the art DA/DS/ML/AI techniques
  • Implement the solution using agile sprints
  • Collaborate with business and technical stakeholders to deliver projects
  • Implement appropriate visualization artifacts to demonstrate solution performance to project stakeholders
  • Communicate project results to project stakeholders through presentations and reports

Skills and experience –

  • Knowledge of the mining value chain is required. Must be familiar with mining, geoscience and mining systems.
  • A good understanding of ore processing in the context of mining and associated data analysis challenges is required
  • Prior practical experience in one of the following areas is required:
  • Analysis of sensor data
  • Spectral data analysis (hyperspectral image analysis, etc.)
  • Signal data processing (infrared, imaging, etc.)
  • Hands-on experience implementing ML/IA/analytics
  • Experience delivering Industrial Analytics/ML/AI projects using Agile methods
  • Experience building production DS solutions, including deploying APIs using the cloud
  • Work directly with business stakeholders, data engineers, solution architects, and product managers to build robust solutions.
  • Current knowledge of ML algorithms, libraries and frameworks (should be demonstrable via coding test in Python languages ​​etc.)
  • Effective verbal and written communication

Desired skills:

  • Mining
  • geosciences
  • mineral systems
  • ore processing
  • ML
  • AI
  • analytic
  • project delivery
  • agile
  • DS Solutions
  • APIs
  • sensor data analysis
  • spectral data analysis
  • signal data processing

Desired work experience:

  • 5 to 10 years [other] Computer science
  • 5 to 10 years Data analysis / Data warehousing

Desired level of qualification:

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Sean N. Ayres