Data scientist –

Company presentation:

Ever wanted to work for a startup funded by Mark Cuban? A company-backed startup making a real impact on the environment and changing the e-commerce landscape forever? One that is aloof at first and full of great, friendly people?

Welcome to Bold Metrics.

We’re using machine learning to change the landscape of buying clothes online. Using simple, known inputs from a customer, we can predict over 50 individual body measurements, putting the customer in the right garment on the first try.

Who should apply?

You’re excited to be entering the ground floor of an emerging, fast-growing startup. You wake up every day excited to write code. You can work independently and don’t need much hands-on. You are the type of person who wants to learn from your peers, and they will want to learn from you.

You are comfortable working with sales, accounts, other engineers, and everyone in between. At Bold Metrics, if someone has a good idea for another part of the organization, we listen. If you have great marketing ideas, we’ll listen to you. You are important to us, so talk about it!

Last but not least, you are humble and ready to learn something new. We believe that every person has something to learn from every other person they meet, and we don’t want you to miss it.

You have a positive attitude. Our team is small, so if something goes wrong, you have the power to do something about it! If you tend to have a negative attitude, this job is not for you.

You are based in the United States.

You have software experience. We will be open to entry-level applicants in the near future, but we currently need entry-level applicants.

If you want to work with people who fit the above description, your place is here.

What will your daily life look like?

Grab your coffee, then a quick engineering stand at 10:30. After that, expect 2-3 meetings per week and good time slots to focus on code.

We’re not here to micromanage you – we want to empower you to get your work done, and we’re not worried about you being on Slack 9-5 every day. If you work better at night, do it!


You know the intricacies of supervised machine learning and are comfortable with traditional modeling as well as neural networks.

Your toolbox ranges from prototyping in Jupyter to deploying in Docker and SageMaker.

You are curious about data, you can easily extract information and prepare answers even before our customers ask you.

You are excited about building an automated model training infrastructure.

Who we are:

Powered by our CEO’s passion and his family’s craft as master tailors, we use machine learning to predict people’s measurements to find the right fit the first time and reduce returns. We are a data-driven company and we use our data to prove hypotheses, support new innovations and tell a story.

Our customers are changing the way they sell clothes, and you can be part of the mechanisms to change how online shopping works today.

We are aloof and remote friendly first. If you are close to colleagues, it would be great if you meet them!

We are interested in candidates in the United States.

We have daily standups, two mandatory weekly meetings, and occasional on-site (fees paid).

What we offer:

We’re a young company, so although we don’t offer 401k, we do offer some great perks:

Competitive salary

Health insurance (medical, dental, vision)

Flexible paid vacation policy


Application process:

What’s next, you ask?

Once you’ve submitted your application and heard from us, congratulations! We are interested. First step completed.

Then you will undergo a technical project so you can show off your skills. We need to make sure you’re technically up to it and want to know where you stand. We’re not going to ask you any Big O questions, only issues related to our current challenges.

Finally, you will meet other team members to see if everyone is getting along. If you’ve made it this far, congratulations!

Sean N. Ayres