“Data Scientist Who Helped Build One of America’s Largest Fintech Networks, Retired to Rehabilitate From Severe Fibromyalgia with Brain Fog, Launches Early Registration for New Tech Platform and Releases 20 new books”

LOS ANGELES, May 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Me, Kristen Thomasinoresigned from my successful 13+ year career at AvidXchange, Inc., in November 2019 to work on a self-funded project advocating for social good in health care.

The project focused on capturing my rehabilitation experiences after a 15 foot fall from stairs in 2016 that later resulted in a lot of pain, right side weakness and, in the summer of 2019, complete weakness of the body as well as severe brain fog with fibromyalgia.

Today’s press release includes major successes related to research and development, publishing, advocacy, community stewardship and networking for opportunities to help others.

  1. Consistent results: Reduction of suffering and my accomplishments have included creating publications, filming a documentary series, physical testing and volunteer work in the community. Shoutout Arizona and the California Business Journal have taken note of my vision to encourage more social good movements focused on wellness fueled by peace, love, health, and prosperity.

  2. Launch of the new technology project: Launch of community registration, learn more here.

  3. Publication of 20 publications: April and May 2022 on Amazon.

Servant Leadership Advocacy: Growth and Health Care

Contact: [email protected], www.buddytown.com/onlinebooking


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