Donor Development, Project Management, Adjustment Gap Analysis, Data Management, Legacy Data Migration

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Donor Development, Project Management, Adjustment Gap Analysis, Data Management, Legacy Data Migration

We’ll assess your current situation, bringing experienced practitioners to work alongside you and reducing the clutter of fundraising, direct mail and donor limitations.

— Rob Lofthouse, Delivery Manager

KANSAS CITY, KS, USA, October 20, 2022 / — With over 30 years of business experience, Brainstorming Labs entered the nonprofit sector with substantial expertise using best practices in major donor development, IT project management, and data analytics. Brainstorm Labs is for nonprofit organizations looking to take performance to the next level.

With a 97% customer satisfaction rating, our latest satisfied customer is The Gospel Mission of Sioux City, Iowa. Paul Mahaffie, CEO, said of our efforts, “We were impressed and love the way Brainstorm Labs does business. We like their approach and feel that we can put anything on the table. We enjoyed the relationship. As further proof of his confidence in the abilities of Brainstorm Labs, Paul hired us on a project to do just that! Relying on the leadership of Dennis Chapman, Director of Development for Brainstorm, The Gospel Mission receives guidance, coaching and mentorship to raise awareness in the community and begin to transform its major donors into long-term partners.

Our consultants and delivery managers work with client personnel to identify gaps between day-to-day operating methods and industry standard best practices that incorporate our project management methodologies, collaborative strategic objectives that drive results and operations management, our optimized delivery model.

Give us a call and learn how to build your team’s capacity, plan better giving strategies, turn your top donors into partners, track and improve performance metrics for better insight.

We’ll help you determine the critical steps needed to increase your giving to stronger levels, improve operational flow, leverage volunteer contributions, and raise awareness in your local community, which will result in a higher level of engagement.

Not only do we offer expertise for the continued growth of the faith-based nonprofit community, but we also provide business continuity guidance to help you prepare for emergencies and succession planning needs. As founders and other key leaders consider leaving, this service can be invaluable in maintaining consistency in the transition to your next leaders.

Expand your donor universe and gather more informative metrics to take your business into a field you’ve only dreamed of!
Brainstorm Labs is a veteran-owned small business consulting firm headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas that specializes in nonprofits from coast to coast.

Offering extensive nonprofit development experience, Brainstorm Labs also offers project management, data management, data analysis, requirements development, and business strategy services.

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