Dstl launches the Defense Data Research Center

The Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has announced the establishment of the Defense Data Research Center (DDRC) as part of the new Defense AI Strategy and the new Defense AI Center.

Awarded by competition and operating under the Serapis FrameDDRC includes a consortium led by the University of Exeter, supported by the Universities of Liverpool and Surrey and Digital Catapult.

The Center will focus on issues related to the use of data for artificial intelligence (AI) applications, which can often be inaccessible or unusable in the raw; up to 80% of time can be spent getting data into a state where it can be used, and some projects never start at all due to insurmountable data issues.

The main task will be to investigate problems in a defense context, such as logistics support, object tracking and data manipulation among many other potential areas, in the hope that all solutions and mitigations developed by the Center could be applied elsewhere for the benefit of the whole UK economy. .

The establishment of the Center is expected to result in the creation of at least 5-8 new academic positions from September 2022, with further growth potential.

DSTL Senior Principal Scientist Glen Hart commented:

The DDRC will be a center of excellence that connects academic expertise from the South West, South East and North West with DSTL’s defense vision.

It is the first dedicated center for data research and experimentation within defense that will play a key role in future defense innovation.

Sean N. Ayres