Formtek Provides Data Migration Services to NASA JPL

By Dick Weisinger

December 9, 2021

Walnut Creek, Calif., United States – Formtek, Inc. Received Second Subcontract For Consulting
NASA services Jet propulsion laboratory (JPL). This latest subcontract, issued in August 2021,
follows a JPL subcontract awarded to Formtek in 2018, and continues Formtek’s work with
JPL to migrate very large data libraries from an old content management system to a new system
based on Alfresco® content services.

JPL’s legacy Electronic Library Service (ELS) platform uses Xerox® DocuShare® systems to support
the requirement to archive, store and retrieve mission critical program information. ELS is
composed of approximately four hundred (400) libraries distributed among eleven (11) DocuShare
bodies. JPL plans to migrate, over time, all data from existing systems to Alfresco.
Formtek was selected to provide consulting services to assist the JPL team in the migration.

As part of the previous subcontract, Formtek provided a detailed analysis of DocuShare and Alfresco from JPL
systems and migration requirements, and designed and developed the initial migration script.
Under the current outsourcing contract, Formtek improves and extends the capabilities of the migration
script to include nonstandard and custom object types, including URL objects, email messages, and
Attachments, Compound Objects, Interact Pages, and Complex Links and Mirrored Object References.
Formtek will also develop a delta script to allow library migrations to be done with a minimum of
downtime for end users, and a validation script to ensure the integrity of data migrated by
compare the data in each DocuShare library with the data stored in Alfresco after migration.

Once development and testing of the migration script is complete, Formtek will migrate data from
production libraries based on a schedule provided by JPL, and perform testing and validation of the
migrated libraries. The initial forty-eight (48) libraries to be migrated contain nearly three million files
and approximately nineteen (19) terabytes of data in total.

The current subcontract continues until September 30, 2022.

Sean N. Ayres