Get a data scientist job when 234,000 positions are to be filled

LOOKING FOR AN EXCITING LITTLE NUMBER? Consider a career in data science.

Touted as “the new oil,” data is big business, with data analysts needed to help inform business decisions.


Consider a career in data science, as one in five companies report unfilled data-driven positions nationwideCredit: Getty

The sector represents £125 billion a year for the economy.

But there is a huge skills gap, with one in five companies reporting unfilled positions based on the data and 234,000 vacancies nationwide. To help bridge this, the Digdata educational program was launched to inspire students to embark on a career in data.

Backed by companies such as BT, Facebook, Capital One and CACI, Digdata seeks to connect students, parents, teachers and top employers and boost the image of the industry.

The free program offers access to live online career challenges, where you can solve real business problems and chat with young people still at the start of their careers.

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Students also get a virtual work experience certificate and enhanced access to work placements and internships.

Rachel Keane, of the Data Inspiration Group, who founded the course, said: “We aim to dispel the myth that the data industry is neither cool nor creative.”

Pupils at Archbishop Tenison’s School in Croydon, south London, are among the first to benefit from the course.

Grade 8 student Amaru Akumf said, “Digdata has helped me understand how different companies use data in different ways to solve problems.”

13-year-old Aurora Mills added, “This experience has given me insight into different careers.”

And Anne-lena Asare, Year 11, said: “It helped me learn about data science and how it works and how it can be applied to various jobs. problems using data.

Tailor-made courses start in grades 7-9 and progress from grades 10-13.


PRINCE Harry was widely mocked after becoming Chief Impact Officer for mental health start-up, Better Up.

But could goofy work and the role of sister Chief Happiness Officer actually help companies perform better? Mark Simmonds, author of Beat Stress At Work, explains how it’s possible.

  1. The role should be closely aligned with business needs, goals and objectives.
  2. Make sure there is alignment between the company’s DNA and the DNA of every employee it hires. If two people in a relationship do not share the same values, the partnership will not survive for long.
  3. The CHO must discover how each employee can perform at their best at work. Where are they happiest and most productive? When? With who? Do what kind of work?
  4. Based on this information, the company can then create a physical, social, emotional and intellectual environment that allows each person to thrive, not just survive.
  5. Regular checks should be in place to ensure that there is an ongoing correlation between happiness, productivity, and performance. Chances are the CFO is closely tracking the ROI of their impact and happiness managers.


THREE in five employers have considered removing resumes in an effort to attract more applicants and fill positions.

A report by psychometric assessment agency Arctic Shores finds that 88% of HR managers screen out applicants because of the lack of direct experience on their resume, even though they could be trained to do the job.

Three in five employers have considered scrapping resumes to attract more candidates


Three in five employers have considered scrapping resumes to attract more candidatesCredit: Getty

As a result, two-thirds of companies say they don’t have a large enough talent pool, and three-quarters are forced to pay higher salaries to attract the right staff.

Robert Newry, CEO of Arctic Shores, said: “What we’re seeing is not a skills shortage, it’s skills blindness.”


Prepare for a new career at Hilton. The hotel chain is holding a chef recruitment week from Monday to Friday next week, with more than 100 vacancies.

Aspiring cooks can attend events at 30 hotels across the country, from Dunblane in Perthshire to Brighton, to showcase their skills.

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Richard Raven, Hilton Regional Manager, said, “We encourage all potential new team members to attend one of our many Chef Recruitment Week events to learn more about available roles and , hopefully join our team.

For details and your nearest participating hotel, see


WAITROSE and parent company John Lewis hire 150 technical specialists, including software experts, data engineers and delivery managers.

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