Get to know Hai Giang, data scientist and travel lover

In Survivor Season 42, data scientist Hai Giang hopes to become the next Sole Survivor. Here’s everything you need to know about the castaway.

Hai Giang will compete on Survivor season 42 and it’s time to share some fascinating facts about his life. He will be one of 18 castaways, and all competitors will try to win the grand prize and the title “Sole Survivor”. The final “Sole Survivor” was Season 41 winner Erika Casupanan. Now the coveted title is up for grabs again and superfan Hai is ready to take it home. There’s a lot to learn about Hai, including her age, job, hometown, and Instagram.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, seasons of Survivor have been shortened from 39 to 26 days, but the game remains one of the toughest on television. Survivor host Jeff Probst shared with fans that the game is tougher than ever, with castaways receiving less food and facing more twists and turns, which will be tied to each hidden idol on the island. Season 41 showed tribe members having to say nonsense phrases to activate idols and introduced idol blockers, which fans will likely see more of this season. This season will force players to constantly think about their strategies, and data scientist Hai might be the one to outlast the rest of the cast.


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Hai Giang age of survivor 42

Survivor has always had contestants of different ages competing each season, including some cast members who appear on the show straight out of high school. In season 42, Hai is in the middle of the pack at 29 but he is still half the age of some of his fellow castaways. The youngest Survivor The contestant this season is 19 (Swati Goel) and the oldest is retired firefighter Mike Turner, who is 58.

The work of Hai Giang from Survivor 42

As mentioned earlier, he is a data scientist. According to Hai’s LinkedIn, he has worked as an analyst at several different companies since graduating from Georgia State University. For four years he worked at a New York-based marketing company, until November 2021 when he became Director of Marketing Analytics at Bully Pulpit Interactive, which is based in DC Hai said that due to the training he had undergone for his job, he is able to read the play very easily, and he thinks this will help him go far Survivor.

Hometown of Hai Giang, 42-year-old survivor

Hai is originally from Gia Rai, Bac Lieu, Vietnam, and moved with her parents to Atlanta, Georgia when she was three years old. He said he admired Survivor Season 13 winner Yul Kwon adding that Yul showed that “Asian men can be confident.He added that as a child it was empowering to see him on screen. Hai has lived in New Orleans, Louisiana for a few years and although he travels a lot he has shown lots of love for the city on his Instagram.

Hai Giang’s Instagram from Survivor 42

Survivor Star Hai’s Instagram features much of her family, including her many adorable foster dogs and her partner of five years, Caleb. Before going to Fiji, Hai traveled to Germany, India and Vietnam. Hai had a taste for adventure and travel even before he auditioned to be part of the Survivor action from season 42.

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Sources: Hai Giang/Instagram, Hai Giang/LinkedIn

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