Here’s what you could earn as a data scientist in Austin, TX

  • People are fleeing to Austin, Texas from high cost areas like Silicon Valley.
  • There are opportunities for Austin-based data scientists at companies like Apple, Dell, etc.
  • Depending on level and responsibility, jobs pay between around $ 60,000 and nearly $ 200,000.
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After nearly a year of working from home, Americans continue to question whether they should leave the high-cost cities. A solution for many: Austin, Texas.

The city of Texas is booming with new residents – Elon Musk has moved to Austin, Google is building a new downtown skyscraper, and Oracle has moved its headquarters to the city.

Insider has looked at visa applications from Apple, Home Depot, Dell Technologies and others to understand what salaries data scientists can expect in the growing tech hub.

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When a US-based company hires a foreign worker, it must apply for a visa from the US Bureau of Work Abroad Certification – part of that application includes an estimated salary for that employee. These visa applications are posted online and provide insight into how companies pay for different types of jobs. It should be noted that the visa application only includes data on the estimated salary. Items such as bonuses, incentives and perks, which are all part of a normal salary package, are not included in the data.

Let’s explore the data below.

Sean N. Ayres