How do I get a job as a Data Scientist at Amazon?

by Vivek Kumar

April 2, 2021

What skills are required to be hired as a data scientist at Amazon?

Amazon is the world’s largest and most prominent online retail company. The activity of the company continues to grow as it also responds to the demands of its customers in a strategic and efficient manner. Amazon’s marketing strategy is something that can help a business, whether small or large. Amazon is considered one of the top companies for data scientists, offering both good salaries and exciting career opportunities. Read on to find out how to integrate as a data scientist at Amazon.

The demand for data scientists is increasing unprecedentedly across the world. Big companies are looking to hire data science professionals, offering huge salaries. Amazon has demonstrated very high standards when it comes to hiring data scientists. The role of a data scientist at Amazon relies on the specific team. These teams include AWS, the Supply Chain Optimization Technologies (SCOT) forecasting team, Alexa, the NASCO team, the Middle Mile Planning Research and Optimization Science (mmPROS) team, and more.

Interview process: Data Scientist at Amazon

The process of interviewing a data scientist at Amazon is similar to that of other tech companies. Amazon’s interview process involves both technical and behavioral screening via an initial phone interview followed by a technical phone screen and a face-to-face interview at the end.

During the technical interview, the company analyzes a candidate’s skills with programming languages ​​such as Python, Java and SQL. It ensures that a candidate has a solid understanding of statistics, math, data mining and mining, and the entire data pipeline. It also checks a candidate’s familiarity with machine learning and data visualization tools.

Through behavioral screening, the company wants to know a candidate; analyze their communication skills; Evaluate their approaches to problem solving and see examples of the 14 Leadership Principles in Action.

Skills required to be hired as a Data Scientist at Amazon

To get a job as a Data Scientist at Amazon, a candidate must have a PhD. in Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Statistics, etc. His math skills will count as much as his programming skills. Aspirants must have:

Master’s degree in statistics, computer science, mathematics, physics, computational biology, economics or equivalent practical experience.

Experience with statistical software packages and functional programming languages ​​such as R, Stata, MATLAB, Python, SQL, C ++ or Java.

Experience in designing and implementing ML algorithms customized to specific business needs and tested against a large data set.

Experience in data mining and working with databases in a commercial environment with large scale complex data sets.

Experience in an analytical role involving machine learning techniques, data mining, analysis and communication.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Different roles in data science at Amazon

Amazon data scientists perform different functions depending on their roles and the team they have joined. Some of the most requested roles are:

Data analyst: The role focuses on analyzing data, identifying areas for improvement, defining metrics to measure and monitor programs and creating end-to-end reporting solutions. As a Data Analyst, candidates will work closely with internal business teams to extract information from the company’s existing systems to create new analysis and expose their group’s data to larger teams. intuitively.

Applied scientist: The role revolves around building machine learning models and using data analytics to deliver scalable solutions to business problems. Applicants for this position will be expected to conduct A / B experiments, collect data and perform statistical analysis. They also need to establish scalable, efficient and automated processes for large-scale data analysis, machine learning model development, model validation and dissemination.

Research scientist in machine learning: This role mainly focuses on cutting edge research in areas such as deep learning, NLP, video recommendations, streaming data analytics, social media, etc. In general, the position ranges from doctorate to internationally renowned researchers.

Data engineer: It is the team that has built the tools or products that are used inside and outside the company. Think of AWS or Alexa. As a Data Engineer in the Amazon Business Data Analytics and Insights (ABDAI) team, a candidate will work in one of the largest cloud-based data lakes in the world. He / she must have skills in the architecture of data warehouse solutions for the company using several platforms (EMR, RDBMS, Columnar, Cloud). The role significantly overlaps with ML engineer positions.

Amazon income level

Amazon data scientist salary can vary based on experience level, skill level, education, and location. Average total compensation can also vary widely depending on whether someone qualifies for annual bonuses or stock awards. Amazon uses a leveling system to determine compensation and promotions. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Data Scientist at Amazon is INR 13,795,556.

Nonetheless, data science is the future. Prepare and land a job as a data scientist at Amazon.

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