How Lakshmi went from dentist to data analyst

Lakshmi Venkatesh was introduced to the basics of yoga by her mother when she was just six years old. At 43, what has changed is the complexity of the asanas she performs. What hasn’t changed is her willingness to learn and master new asanas every time she rolls out a yoga mat on the floor. It’s the same mantra she follows in her professional life. She likes to keep learning.

Lakshmi obtained his Bachelor of Dental Science from Bapuji Dental College and Hospital, Davangere, in 2000. She ran a dental clinic for eight years in Bangalore. The monotony of root canals and tooth extractions prompted her to put her teeth into something new. So she tried her hand at a hospital management course and then a two-year course in clinical research. “I have always enjoyed studying. Until today, if you give me something new to learn, I will do it for the sheer pleasure of learning something new and not just because it will lead to career development, ”she says.

Lakshmi got a job at healthcare solutions solidify Indegene as an analyst during internships towards the end of the clinical research course in 2009. In her first assignment, she and her teammates built a platform, Trialpedia, which served as a repository of all clinical trial data. Lakshmi’s expertise in the field helped her interpret clinical data and was instrumental in the creation of this tool. “The platform made clinical trial analysis very fast and helped clients make quick decisions,” she says.

We must continue to learn because without depth in a specific area, the data will not be useful.

After nearly three years working on the Trialpedia project, Lakshmi immersed himself in the world of data analysis and worked on various projects for pharmaceutical companies. For the past two years, she has worked in the niche area of ​​Patient Analysis, which she volunteered to because it was a new area of ​​learning for her. The nature of the work was demanding and Lakshmi had to not only learn, but also make sure his team was performing well.

“With my understanding of life sciences, when I look at data, I’m able to quickly pull information from it and put it into perspective,” she says. This domain expertise, combined with the technological skills she acquired at Indegene, have enabled her to offer a range of innovative solutions. “You have to keep learning because without depth in a specific area, the data will not be useful,” she says.

Lakshmi, who is now Senior Director of Data and Analytics at Indegene, is currently looking into online content to familiarize himself with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Lakhsmi says she’s thrilled with the prospect of the endless possibilities of AI.


Sean N. Ayres