How to become a Data Scientist at SpaceX? Do you have a chance?

by Aratrika Dutta

April 19, 2022

Want to land a job as a data scientist at SpaceX? Monitor the steps and responsibilities to follow

SpaceX is a private aerospace company founded in 2002 by Elon Musk. SpaceX’s goal is to reduce the cost of space travel for passengers and freight. They have developed reusable rockets that can land after launching a payload into orbit, as well as more efficient ways to launch their rockets from Earth. SpaceX has been working on reusability for over a decade. They have since started working on the Falcon 1 rocket, which would eventually become reusable. They ask data scientists which can use machine learning and other algorithms to build models to do all of these things.

Data Science is a growing field in business and industry. It’s what enables businesses to make data-driven decisions, recommendations, and predictions. Want to get a job as a data scientist at SpaceX? Pay attention to responsibilities and salaries.

SpaceX employees serve on teams in avionics, materials engineering, mission management and space operations, satellite development, test operations, and vehicle engineering , among others. According to data from Glassdoor, SpaceX employees are not paid as well as those working for tech giants like Facebook or Google.

SpaceX offers two ways to work with their company, and there are several positions one can apply for depending on their skills.

The two ways to get a job in SpaceX:

For both jobs, candidates can apply online via the link Through this link, one can check and apply for the current opening and opportunities in SpaceX. Once you have applied to SpaceX and if your CV has been selected, they will begin your recruitment process. Once you apply for SpaceX, you may have to wait for a long time around 2-5 months.

Responsibilities of the Data Scientist:
  • Streamline processes and improve vehicle reliability by developing anomaly detection and automated data review systems
  • Help develop project plans, provide technical oversight, and perform code review
  • Be the “ambassador” of predictive analytics and machine learning across the enterprise by identifying high-impact applications
  • Deliver production-quality code (mainly Python) under tight deadlines
Basic qualities:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Physics, Mathematics or a STEM discipline
  • 1+ year of professional or educational/internship experience in analytics, data science, data engineering, or software engineering
  • Development experience with SQL, Python, Spark, R or other programming languages
Desired skills and experience:
  • Experience building predictive models and machine learning pipelines (clustering analysis, failure prediction, anomaly detection)
  • Experience working with data processing in structured and semi-structured data streams
  • Experience in designing, implementing and maintaining custom ETLs
  • Experience with schematic design and dimensional data modeling
  • Experience working in a Linux environment and open source tools
  • Experience managing large datasets (TB+)
  • Domain-specific experience is a plus, but not required
  • Demonstrated ability to own projects from start to finish
  • Great attention to detail
SpaceX Data Scientist Salary

The average SpaceX data scientist earns $191,000 per year, which includes a base salary of $91,000 with a bonus of $100,000. This total compensation is $61,786 higher than the US average for a Data Scientist. SpaceX’s engineering department earns an average of $50 more than the legal department.

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