How to get a job in government as a data scientist

by Apoorva Bellapu

May 15, 2021

Everyone dreams of having a job in the government. But what many tend to believe is that there are limited options in the same area. For example, banks, defense, etc. However, what might come as a surprise to many is the fact that there is a plethora of career opportunities available in the public sector in a diverse number of fields. One of these areas is the most sought after career path and that is data science. Yes, you read that right! Government jobs in data science exist. Want to know more in detail? Keep reading to get a clearer idea of ​​how to get a job in government as a data scientist.

Let’s talk about the existence of data science. Data science turns raw data into a form that makes it easy to draw conclusions. The very purpose of relying on data science is due to the huge data that continues to generate every day. Processing this data to be able to make better decisions is the need of the moment. When we talk about massive amounts of data generated regularly, how can we not talk about government? The government is one of the biggest collectors of data. From census data to national security intelligence, all government agencies rely heavily on trained data scientists to help them make better decisions.

How is data science used in government?

Regardless of the sector targeted, what remains a fact is that the ultimate goal is to derive meaningful and actionable information from the data collected. If you are wondering what are the possible areas that you can enter as a data scientist in government, you are surrounded by a number of options. From law enforcement and intelligence agencies like the CIA and FBI to federal and state departments like USDA and transportation, the opportunities you get are significant.

Data scientists have the potential to measure the effects of government initiatives, thereby improving efficiency and cost savings. When cities and municipalities are planned, they can identify opportunities to increase community engagement and safety.

Among the many areas that can be answered, one area that has caught the attention of many is where data scientists are involved in dealing with big data in defense and counterterrorism. This is a critical task in itself and thanks to AI, real-time analytics, machine learning algorithms, data scientists are now in a comfortable position when it comes to monitoring data. naval and air space, closer monitoring of potential terrorist behavior through analysis of conversations, texts, purchases and unusual movements, as well as interactions with contacts, more precise predictions of threats to the national security, are taken into account.

In summary, given the amount of information being collected across agencies, states, and counties, government data science is nothing less than a golden opportunity for those seeking a career in the same. domain. A data scientist working for the government has the potential to identify, solve and prevent a range of problems relating to different communities and departments.

Now the main topic of interest – How to get a job in government as a data scientist

In fact, government and government agencies typically refer people with relevant data science experience to data scientist jobs. So, if you want to get a job in government in data science field, it is always better to get experience from other organizations. Start by working on all the skills that form the basis of a data scientist job – for example, programming skills, analytical skills, critical thinking, statistical and mathematical skills, etc. After working on these skills, get into any organization to get your hands on the experience. After working there for a year or two, apply for government jobs specializing in data science. With all the relevant experience and knowledge you have, your chances of being selected are high. Good luck!

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