IceWarp offers cost-effective workspace solutions with magical, hassle-free, zero-downtime data migration

~Migrating your data to another platform is a pain. IceWarp promises seamless transfer from Exchange, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, ZOHO and others efficiently~

Whether you are planning to move your business operations from a disinterested enterprise solution or to a better or affordable one, there are bound to be plenty of hurdles. The effects of data migration can hit your business unknowingly due to either a possibility of incompatibility between the old and new platform or simply longer downtime. You can only resume operations once all your data has been migrated, tested, and ready online safely, securely, and correctly. IceWarp, a global leader in the development of enterprise email communication and collaboration solutions, offers secure and seamless data transfer migration to its new platform.

Businesses can now migrate their operations to IceWarp without any hassle. Migrating your data from Exchange, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, ZOHO or any other online workspace solution to IceWarp is as easy as a flick of a switch. IceWarp’s highly collaborative online desktop solution makes it even easier to switch between platforms without any loss, downtime, or impact to your business. It’s as easy as Choose your plan —> Pass on old workspace credentials —> Migrate. And best of all, you won’t even know when your data has already been migrated, seamlessly, safely and securely.

IceWarp’s professional team of experts are ready to do all the “heavy lifting” for you whenever you’re ready to make the switch. The migration team starts by assessing your data before migration to ensure there is no loss during the data transfer. Prior to migration day, the migration team ensures that all possible transfer issues are resolved so that there is a seamless transfer ensuring no downtime. The team can also arrange a handover schedule based on your needs and workload so that there is no impact on your business and its operations. Even during the active migration of your data, you can still meet all your business requirements. IceWarp can migrate your email data and configure it in its new workspace solution before you can even blink. And finally, IceWarp’s migration team simply won’t quit after the data migration is complete – they will test if all your data was successfully migrated without any loss or error.

Throughout the process, the automated process will do the job smoothly. However, IceWarp’s detail-oriented engineers will continuously monitor the situation and be ready to step in to correct any discrepancies. This is a guarantee that every piece of your data has been successfully migrated to its new home at IceWarp.

Mr. Prasad Vadke, Manager – Infrastructure and Support IceWarp India said, “Migrating data from one platform to another is a painful event for everyone. Not only is the IT team in distress, but the entire company is impacted during the migration. Data loss, data duplication, data corruption and, even worse, long downtime during transfer and subsequent testing, can all be very nerve-wracking. At IceWarp, we take these responsibilities into our own hands to ensure that your data is safely migrated, transferred seamlessly and securely to our platform, and with the promise of zero downtime.

Migration features:

  • Zero Downtime: During migration, the Exchange server is still active, allowing users to work as usual.
  • No duplication: An internal cache stores all previously migrated information so administrators can run the migration multiple times without duplicating data.
  • Secured: Full SSL support ensures your data is secure during migration.
  • User cleaning: Easily leave all unused email accounts out of the migration.
  • Network migrations: Migrate from your current Exchange server on the network to any other machine on the internal or external network running IceWarp.
  • Cross-platform migrations: Easily migrate from Linux to Windows or vice versa.

About IceWarp:

IceWarp is a global leader in the development of enterprise email communication and collaboration solutions serving over 50 million paying users and 50,000 customers worldwide in over 50 countries and has already acquired over 1 200 customers in India in the space of 7 years.

We believe in providing an affordable, seamlessly integrated and easy-to-use communications solution for businesses and providing a real alternative to Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace. We strive to reduce our customers’ costs and help them make a difference in their day-to-day business by covering all aspects of business collaboration and productivity, from business messaging to TeamChat, enabling them to manage all aspects of project teamwork, including audio. and video conferencing, as well as document sharing and collaborative editing.

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