Kings News: Sacramento looking to hire basketball data scientist

In the modern era of sports, data analytics has become an essential part of team operations. It is used to predict the results of different play calls and spot opponents. It is also used to try to predict the outcome of each game. Front offices use it to accelerate player development and better learn how they can be properly used in the team.

A few days ago, the Sacramento Kings posted a job posting for a new basketball data scientist to help improve their team.

According to, the Sacramento Kings, along with the New York Knicks and Oklahoma City Thunder, currently have the second largest analytics department in the NBA behind the Washington Wizards. As a team currently in an era of playoff desperation, this move can only help Sacramento’s chances of turning the tide.

This decision is a very progressive decision for the Kings. The NBA is an ever-changing league and if a team can’t stay ahead of the pack, they will surely be left behind. The league has transitioned to teams relying on high-volume 3-point shooting over the past decade. With an excellent analytics department, a team will be able to find the next style of play ahead of their competition and put their players and coaches ahead of the game.

The Golden State Warriors have used a similar tactic for the past 13 years or so. They used analytics to find out how they can properly use the skills of each player on their team. Yes, they’ve had the luxury of retaining several future Hall of Famers over the past decade, but they’ve had to figure out the best way for those players to co-exist and play to their full potential.

With the amount of manpower currently invested in the Kings’ analysis department, they will hopefully use the same mentality for their current roster.

Sean N. Ayres