Komprise Partners with Microsoft to Support Microsoft Azure File Data Migration Program

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Komprise, a provider of analytics-based data mobility and management solutions, announces that it has been selected for the Microsoft Azure File Migration Program launched by Azure. The new program gives customers free access to industry-leading file migration and complements the Azure Migrate portfolio that customers use to automate and orchestrate the migration of servers, desktops, databases and web applications to Azure. Komprise is one of the few Microsoft ISVs selected for this exclusive program.

Migrating on-premises applications such as file workloads, high-performance computing (HPC), and analytics requires identifying and migrating tens of terabytes to petabytes of file data stored on NAS appliances and other on-premises storage to the correct tier of Azure Files, Azure NetApp Files, and Azure Blob Storage. Customers are often guessing what data to migrate to and where, and such migrations can be laborious, error-prone, and slow when moving large data sets.

Komprise Elastic Data Migration eliminates the cost and complexity of managing file data by providing analytics-based data migration to Azure without creating vendor dependency. Customers will have the option to upgrade to the full product, Komprise Intelligent Data Management, which means they can seamlessly prioritize across Azure storage platforms, reducing cloud costs by 70%. Data is natively tiered, allowing users and applications uninterrupted access. Organizations can leverage the Komprise Global File Index to query, tag, and move the right data to the right place for AI, ML, and data processing.

Krishna Subramanian, President and COO of Komprise, said, “Working closely with the Microsoft Azure Storage team, we can help companies accelerate their transition to the cloud for file and object data. and make their data available for data lakes and cloud-based AI services. without locking their data to proprietary storage technology.

“Moving data to Microsoft Azure Storage should be quick and easy for our customers,” said Jurgen Willis, vice president, Optimized Workloads and Storage. “We are excited to work with Komprise to provide a valuable service so our customers can more easily and reliably move file data from expensive on-premise NAS devices to native cloud storage services on Azure,” added Subramanian.

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Sean N. Ayres