Lenovo Hiring Data Analyst: Check eligibility details

Lenovo Hiring Data Analyst: Check eligibility details


Lenovo is recruiting an experienced Data Analyst/Scientist at its Bangalore location. The Data Analyst/Scientist position will support the WW Finance team to perform advanced analytics for ISG. The fast-paced role will suit someone who is comfortable with managing big data using SQL and Python, who can derive business insights from complex data sets, and who can communicate complex data models to key stakeholders.

The complete details of this work are as follows:-

Roles and responsibilities:

The ideal candidate must be able to:

Perform exploratory data analysis on data to understand, clean and prepare data for statistical modeling.

Interface with cross-functional teams to gather relevant information/data for analysis.

Build forecasting and other multivariate models using classical and machine learning techniques to add value to the business.

Present complex model solutions to key stakeholders and leadership team for adoption.

Build dashboards using visualization tools to provide insights/results to the management team.

Manage the delivery of accurate and timely reports and dashboards.

The ideal candidate should also have:

Advanced SQL user – must be comfortable performing complex SQL queries (multiple table joins, CTEs, etc.).

Experienced Python user with a focus on machine learning (including data preparation, data cleaning, model selection, model evaluation, and scaling).

Solid experience in time series forecasting and multivariate regression in Python.

Experienced Power BI user.


Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, with at least 3 years of experience in an analytical role |OR| Master’s degree in a relevant field, with full-time internship/experience in an analytical role.

Experienced user of SQL, Python and visualization tool.

Good communication skills, both oral and written.

Team player with the ability to work proactively and independently.

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