MariaDB and Qlik partnership facilitates data migration from legacy databases

Collaboration between MariaDB Corporation, a provider of pluggable, custom-built storage engines for specialized workloads, and Qlik, a company focused on providing real-time data integration and analytics solutions, ushers in migrations efficient data with Qlik’s data integration platform from legacy database architectures to MariaDB’s database solutions. Migration destinations such as MariaDB Enterprise Server, MariaDB Xpand Distributed SQL Database, or MariaDB SkySQL Cloud Database Service are available for workloads locked into legacy database sources, such as Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server.

“Data is growing for every business, and our customers need more efficient and affordable ways to store and access data,” said Jim Sears, vice president of global alliances and channels at MariaDB Corporation. “Qlik Data Integration and MariaDB together help our customers optimize their data lifecycle (managing data creation, storage, rapid data migration, application modernization, automated machine learning and analytics ) to transform their business through data-driven decisions.

The partnership brings a future of high availability, scalability, continuous integration and synchronized data replication, in on-premises, hybrid or cloud environments for data migration. Qlik’s innovations in cloud data integration, change data capture (CDC), analytics data pipeline development, and data lineage/cataloging, combined with modern database innovations from MariaDB, allow developers to generate and analyze in real time applications specially designed for this purpose. The direct customer benefits of this collaboration include:

  • Increased use of data to facilitate monetization and revenue through analytics.
  • Accelerated time to market for application infrastructure development and modernization.
  • IT savings due to the elimination of legacy database productions.
  • Improved accessibility of operations on newer versions of database products.
  • Ability to leverage data replications for compliance or migration for increased data availability.

“With Qlik and MariaDB, customers can modernize their expensive legacy databases and data warehouses when migrating to the cloud,” said Itamar Ankorion, senior vice president of technology alliances at Qlik. “Qlik can support MariaDB customers who want fully automated, real-time CDC and data integration with MariaDB database products for a more data-centric and data-driven business. It’s a winning combination.

The newly formed partnership will host a webinar on September 14, 2022 to discuss legacy database migration in more detail.

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Sean N. Ayres