NCC says new FSIS Salmonella framework lacks data and research


The United States Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) recently announced a new regulatory framework with the goal of reducing Salmonella infections associated with poultry products. FSIS said it would propose three items, (1) Requiring incoming flocks to be tested for Salmonella before entering a facility; (2) Improved oversight of FSIS establishment process control and verification; (3) Implement an enforceable end product standard.

But the National Chicken Council (NCC) says the new framework lacks data and research.

NCC Senior Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs, Dr Ashley Peterson, said: “We support the need to develop science-based approaches that will have an impact on public health, but this is done at the towards. The agency formulates regulatory policies and draws conclusions before collecting data, much less analyzing it. This is not science, this is speculation”.

NCC notes that the facts are that the CDC and FSIS’s own data demonstrates clear progress and reductions in Salmonella on chicken products.

Peterson added that the NCC is committed to continuing to do its part to bring these numbers down even further. The industry will remain committed to investing significant resources in the hatchery, feed mill, farm and plant to build on our success and further improve the safety profile of chicken products.

Sean N. Ayres