New regulations on the Health Data and Artificial Intelligence Research Institute

The Presidency of the Health Institutes of Turkey has issued the Regulation on the Structure and Execution of the Activities of the Turkish Research Institute for Health Data and Artificial Intelligence Applications (“Regulation“).Institute“).

New development

The Institute was established on December 12, 2019 to support innovative R&D activities with the aim of solving health-related problems and increasing the efficiency of health services. In this context, the Institute operates to support and coordinate studies on health data research, the use of artificial intelligence in health and to develop a digital health ecosystem in Turkey. The institute was established under the chairmanship of the Turkish Health Institutes, the competent institution of the Ministry of Health. All stakeholders and in particular companies operating in this area should closely follow the activities and opportunities offered by the Institute.

The regulations, which came into force upon publication in Official Gazette No. 31776 on March 12, 2022, regulate the establishment, functions, authorities, structure and units of the Institute. Rules are available here (In Turkey).

What’s new?

The main functions and attributions of the Institute are as follows:

  1. Increasing the use of health data and artificial intelligence in Turkey; conduct and support scientific and technological research in this context
  2. Support research carried out in public institutions, higher education institutions or R&D centers for the development of laboratory examinations, radiological and pathological images
  3. Set up the necessary infrastructure for storing and managing reference information concerning clinical data and radiological images, making them accessible to researchers after anonymization and creating a digital health ecosystem
  4. Provide financial or scientific support for R&D activities to be carried out by public institutions, organizations, private legal persons and natural persons on the use of artificial intelligence and health data; coordinate and monitor these studies
  5. Collaborate with relevant sectors to ensure that data-driven and artificial intelligence techniques developed as a result of R&D studies are used in healthcare and provide grants and repaid aid, and/ or make advance payments
  6. Cooperate with Turkish Health Service Quality and Accreditation Institute to determine quality and accreditation rules for centers operating in the field of health data research and artificial intelligence
  7. Organize competitions, issue certificates and offer national and international opportunities to researchers in order to encourage R&D studies
  8. Publish and prepare publications from international institutions and organizations and determine priority policies in the field of health data research and artificial intelligence


As in all sectors, the importance of scientific and technological activities is increasing day by day also for the health sector. In this context, the creation of the Institute aims to support data-driven studies and research in artificial intelligence in the health sector. All companies operating in this field must closely follow the activities of the Institute.

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