New Study Shows Data Scientist Most Popular Analysis Position in California |

by Analytics Insight

February 7, 2020

According to US government data, jobs that require advanced training and experience in statistics and data science are expected to grow several times faster than all jobs in the economy.

California, as the largest U.S. state and home to a vibrant tech industry, will be at the forefront of this job growth, but what roles are best in this growing and increasingly popular field? more diverse?

Analysis of recent job posting data for six specific titles in the field reveals interesting details that may be of value to job seekers and students in California and around the world.

1. Data scientist

Comparing average salaries with the total number of job postings indicates that Data Scientist is the most popular business analysis position in California. This job has a lucrative average salary of $ 147,179 and has more than 2,700 job openings across the state.

Data scientists can fill a range of specific positions given their broad base of knowledge and skills in mathematics, statistics and programming. For professionals concerned with business analytics, a job as a Data Scientist can allow them to use their data skills to make sound business decisions in virtually any industry imaginable, as organizations of all types are looking for ways. now rely on data to run their business.

The San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley are California’s top regions for data scientists, and more than half of all jobs for data scientists are in this region. Amazon accounts for nearly one in four jobs in California for data scientists, and more than 20% of those jobs make more than $ 120,000.

2. Business analyst

Despite having the third lowest average salary, Business Analyst is the position with the most total job postings, 2,830 in total statewide. These factors combine to make Business Analyst the second most popular data analysis job in California.

These professionals help organizations improve processes and refine procedures to maximize profits and efficiency. Depending on the organization, business analysts may work in technology departments, while others will find jobs in management, HR or operations.

About a third of business analyst jobs in California offered salaries between $ 70,000 and $ 80,000, but over 40% of jobs had salaries of $ 90,000 or more. About 1 in 4 business analyst positions were in Los Angeles or San Diego, which is the highest rate of the six positions included in the study. Employers for this role lean towards the technical, banking, accounting and consulting industries, with Accenture, Deloitte and Amgen being listed as the top three employers for business analysts.

3. Data analyst

Another broad and expansive title that could award a professional a job in just about any field, the publications for data analysts were one of the highest, just over 2,700. The job offers the second lowest average salary, which places it in third place overall.

Data analysts often fill roles quite similar to data scientists, but these analyst roles tend towards jobs where professionals must use a diverse skill set that goes beyond just working with data. Typically, the most successful data analysts are those with serious analytical skills, but who can also communicate with people in a natural and effective way.

About 1 in 3 jobs for data analysts pay between $ 65,000 and $ 75,000, one of the highest ratios, but a low starting salary range is due in large part to the fact that the position has the most. high proportion of entry level openings, 27.2%. Almost 30% of jobs are in San Francisco, and top employers range from finance (First Republic Bank) to education (Cal State University).

4. Intelligence analyst

The fourth most popular job on the list is Intelligence Analyst, a job that has the lowest average salary (around $ 52,000) but a high number of job postings, over 2,300. So although these jobs are likely to have lower pay, they might be easier to obtain than some less common roles.

Intelligence analysts are highly sought after in the IT industry as well as in defense and aerospace, as they are responsible for collecting information from many different, often unrelated sources and analyzing it to generate threat assessments.

The average salary for intelligence analysts is low, but over 20% of these jobs pay more than $ 100,000. Over 20% of the openings are in San Francisco, but given the military ties these jobs often have, over 13% of the openings are in San Diego. Top employers are Accenture, Northrop Grumman, SAIC, and General Dynamics.

5. Business intelligence analyst

With the second lowest number of openings, business intelligence analyst positions will be hard to find. But for those with the right skills, these are probably lucrative jobs.

Business Intelligence analysts have some of the most outward-looking functions of the six roles included in the analysis. According to their employer, these professionals are generally required to place their company or client in the best position in the market, which usually involves conducting detailed research on the industry, the market and the competitors.

About 1 in 3 business intelligence analyst jobs pay between $ 70,000 and $ 80,000, but over 20% pay more than $ 95,000. Almost two-thirds of these jobs are for mid-career professionals and almost 28% are based in San Francisco. This role has a pretty diverse business roster, with Google, Uber, and Apple all ranking in the top five, along with the U.S. Army and Stanford Health Care.

6. Analysis manager

Although by far the least common job covered by the study (just under 500 positions), the Analytics Manager jobs arrived with the second highest average salary of the six jobs in the world. study, $ 137,913.

Analytical managers typically occupy high-level positions with broad organizational responsibilities, including overseeing strategies and practices covering data collection and analysis. They may have daily data tracking tasks or be responsible for implementing new procedures and tools.

Almost half of those jobs pay more than $ 100,000, which is the highest number of the six jobs in the study, and entry-level positions are scarce, with just 3.5% of job postings for those in the study. analytical managers. Analytics Manager jobs are more likely to be found in Los Angeles than any other job (13.4%), and more than half of the positions were at just two companies – Deloitte and Northrop Grumman.


Data analytics jobs are some of the most attractive for people with knowledge of the data, but who want to work in large companies with high salaries and good benefits. Whether they want to spend their days writing complex code to analyze data or want to bridge the gap between data and plain English, California is one of the best places in the world for data analysts to exercise their profession.

About the study

Led by a group of data analysts, analyzed over 12,000 jobs posted on up to mid-January 2020, comparing data from six jobs in analytics data through metrics such as job vacancies, average salary, city, company, and required experience. . You can read the full study here.

Sean N. Ayres