ONS welcomes new volunteer data analyst

ONS welcomes new volunteer data analyst

The Office for National Statistics hosted Joshua Neale, Data Analyst with the Voluntary Service Abroad, VSA, scheme at Volunteering Development Aid New Zealand, with a meeting of intro today.

Government Statistician Douglas Kimi took the opportunity to welcome Joshua and the VSA team who visited the ONS. Mr. Neale arrived in Honiara on August 17e after arrangements were made and completed earlier this year.

The NSO advised that it has taken over 4 years to progress these technical assistance needs with VSA and that the NSO is very excited and happy that Joshua has accepted this position and placement here with the NSO and in the Solomon Islands.

He will only be with the ONS for nine months. He will work closely with the economic section, focusing primarily on data analysis and data validation work, including capacity building efforts.

Mr Neale expressed his gratitude to the ONS for accepting him.

He will begin his actual work at the end of the week.

-SINSO Press

Sean N. Ayres