Panzura provides risk-free and cost-free data migration to its platform

Data management technology developer Panzura this week introduces a new program to help customers migrate their data to the company’s modern global file system at no cost and without financial risk.

The new Panzura warranty provides customers with free assessment and preparation services and a 30-day warranty for the implementation of the technology, said Dan Waldschmidt, director of revenue for the provider based in San Jose, Calif.

The Panzura Guarantee is the company’s way to get customers to try Panzura’s global file system, which Waldschmidt has called more scalable and easier to implement than competitive file systems, but costs up to ‘70% cheaper.

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Panzura provides secure, simple and intelligent data management by overlaying governance and analytics on the storage layer, and on top of that adding intelligence and logistics, Waldschmidt said.

“The intelligence and logistics layer is similar to a microservice that allows multiple users to collaborate on a file across a business and across multiple businesses,” he said.

Panzura focuses on simplicity, performance and scalability, and adds FIPS 140-2 security and immutable storage to protect data, Waldschmidt said.

“Secure data management is not something you should pay for,” he said. “Security is not something you have to sell or a service you provide. It should be given.

The Panzura Guarantee is Panzura’s incentive to get companies to try its technology for free and risk-free, Waldschmidt said.

“This is our way of making it easy for customers to adopt Panzura to take multi-cloud data management to the next level,” he said. “We will handle all the migration. Normally this can cost several hundred thousand dollars. We hired the right people to manage the readiness assessment and full service migration of data to the Panzura environment. “

Panzura also incorporates the disposition of IT assets into the Panzura warranty, Waldschmidt said.

“For example, if a customer has existing hardware, we’ll move their data and then take the hardware, certify that it has been data cleansed, sell it and send the money to the customer,” he said.

If within 30 days the customer is not satisfied with the Panzura Global File System, Panzura will migrate the data to the customer’s previous environment, he said.

Panzura over the seven years that CSS has worked with, has proven itself as a provider of transparent cloud storage with seamless security and deduplication capabilities, said Ajay Tyagi, executive vice president of the based solutions provider. in Milpitas, California.

“Panzura’s support has been very responsive,” Tyagi told CRN. “The company is very focused on channels and relationships. They’re not, ‘Here’s the program and the documentation. Go do it. ‘ They help us grow our business.

The Panzura warranty is very important to simplify the implementation of Panzura technology, said Tyagi.

“They invested in a program with a 30-day cancellation guarantee and a program that pays us fast because of the quick implementation,” he said. “It gives us and our customers peace of mind. “

The Panzura warranty also helps bring more transformation to customers who can try the technology with a 30-day warranty, Tyagi said.

“I haven’t heard of any other vendor doing this,” he said. “Many vendors offer free assessments or provide reporting and lifecycle management. They can even bring one device or more capacity at no cost. But these are more commercial transactions. Panzura is channel-focused and was cloud native from the start. “

Panzura is looking to make the process easier for customers to adopt the new technology and less stressful for partners, Tyagi said.

“They’ve removed the sticking points for customers and the channel,” he said.

Panzura, which depends on channel partners for 95% or 96% of sales, wants to engage its partners who might otherwise need multiple tools to migrate customer data to modern platforms, Waldschmidt said.

“The Panzura warranty is actually a better model for charging for data as it is consumed,” he said. “Perform the migration quickly, without any cost arguments. Customers don’t want to pay these fees. And we reduce that risk for our partners. “

Going forward, Panzura plans to introduce version 1 of its new application that offers automatic ransomware detection and return to operations by the end of the year, Waldschmidt said.

“In less than a minute, the software will be able to detect an attack in seconds, run user protocols to make sure it is a real attack, and then bring back the right data.” , did he declare. “We can do it now, but it takes a few minutes. “

Sean N. Ayres