Research Fellow, Data Scientist job with NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE

job description

The Senior Principal Investigator of a joint high-level Adult Education research project between NUS and Cisco Systems, is seeking to hire a Researcher to join the research team as a Data Scientist. The objective of this project is to revolutionize the training of Industry 4.0 professionals by taking advantage of big data to increase productivity. The “end product” will be a physical-digital training ecosystem that seamlessly delivers self-determined learning experiences in different contexts to support different learning styles. The brain of this new training environment will be an algorithm that studies longitudinal data including the evolution of professional skills, career progression and other inputs to predict training needs. The successful candidate will be affiliated with the new Cisco-NUS Accelerated Digital Economy corporate lab and lead the research team in identifying the skills professionals need for Industry 4.0, including the development of the aforementioned algorithm. . He or she will also support the development of new input quality measures for production functions at the firm level. The duration of the project is five years. The successful candidate will initially be hired for a two-year contract which may be renewed thereafter (subject to satisfactory performance).

Main responsibilities

Contribute to the research team in the following areas:

  • Research Data Security, Confidentiality and Confidentiality.
  • Development of surveys and other instruments for research purposes.
  • Data collection, including strong documentation of data collected.
  • Construction and maintenance of datasets, data analysis, modeling and reporting.
  • Supervision of junior members of the research team (i.e. research assistants)


  • PhD in STEM or another discipline relevant to the project (with a preference for engineering, computer science, statistics, data analysis/science).
  • Experience in creating and maintaining datasets (with a preference for educational datasets).
  • Knowledge of statistical methods and data mining techniques as well as proficiency in a language suitable for advanced data analysis such as Python or R.
  • Experience in one or more of the following areas would be a plus:
    • Neural networks and text mining.
    • Nonlinear regression and analysis of data related to production functions at the firm level.
    • System integration and interoperability.

  • Excellent technical writing and presentation skills.
  • Analytical, resourceful and team spirit.
  • High levels of integrity for responsible research conduct and data stewardship.

More information

Location: Kent Ridge Campus

Organization: Engineering

Department: Biomedical genius

Eligible Employee Referral: No

Job Application ID: 10296

Sean N. Ayres