Senior Data Analyst at Datonomy Solutions

We are looking for a Senior Data Analyst who has 5+ years of experience as a strong Data Analyst performing tasks such as

  • Sources, extracts, gathers, cleanses and redefines relevant data.
  • Finding, cleaning, preparing and loading data
  • Database query: Microsoft SQL
  • Statistical Modeling – For data analysis and modeling
  • Data Analysis – acquisition of data from primary or secondary data sources and maintenance of databases/data analysis systems. Interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques and prove ongoing relationships
  • Performs statistical analyses, such as linear and logistic regression, time series analysis, and classification models, and provides accurate, high-quality analysis.

Qualification criteria:

  • 5+ years of experience as a data analyst
  • Essential BLOB Data Object experience (non-traditional data, such as voice or mixed media)
  • Essential CLOB Data Object experience (single-byte character strings or character-based multibyte data)
    • Understand the different types of data such as structured, unstructured, blob, and clob data types.
  • ETL experience essential
  • Azure experience
  • Sqoop experience
  • Hadoop experience
  • HDFS Experience
  • Must have the ability to guide data engineers
  • Experience in financial services is preferred
  • Coding tools: Ab Initio, SQL and SAS. (You don’t have to have all 3)
  • Understand databases, can document ERDs, understand database relationships such as primary keys and foreign keys
  • Denodo is preferred, but not essential.
  • Query data by writing scripts.
  • Systems database data analyst, who can interpret data from a system so that it can be moved to a data warehouse.

Desired skills:

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Sean N. Ayres