Simpplr Appoints Aykut Firat as Chief Data Scientist to Advance Platform’s Analytics and AI Capabilities | News

REDWOOD CITY, CA., January 18, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Simpplr, the leading employee experience platform for internal communications, HR and IT professionals, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Aykut Firat as the first Chief Data Scientist.

Adding Aykut to Simpplr’s leadership team means the company is focusing even more on advanced analytics and artificial intelligence. Prior to Simpplr, Aykut served as Chief Data Scientist at Brandwatch, a leading social listening platform. At Brandwatch, Aykut has developed advanced AI capabilities, including deep learning-based sentiment and emotion analysis, identifying audience interests, and smart search powered by entity disambiguation that uses advanced language models such as GPT-2. These technological achievements have been direct drivers for Brandwatch as an industry technology leader – a feat that has accelerated their revenue to more than $100 million in ARR and eventual acquisition.

Prior to his role at Brandwatch, Aykut held numerous Chief Data titles at companies such as Crimson Hexagon, iAggregate, Affinnova and others. He has a doctorate. from MIT and advises other Tola Capital portfolio companies.

“Aykut’s role at Simpplr will allow us to dig deeper into how Simpplr clients can leverage advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, sentiment analysis and emotion analysis to better understand their customer base. ’employees and act on that information in real time,” says Dhiraj Sharma (CEO, Simpplr): “It’s rare to find a data leader with Aykut’s deep knowledge and even rarer to find one who can apply that knowledge with such passion to make employee experience professionals more efficient in their work.

“The value for Simpplr’s customers to use state-of-the-art AI to gain real-time insights into their employee base and act on that data in real-time is immense,” says Aykut Firat (CDS, Simplir). “I’m excited by the opportunity our team has to use advanced deep learning models for sentiment and emotion analysis and neural research, to help the entire employee experience industry better understand their teams and turn that insight into good data-driven actions.”

The Aykut team will continue to advance the advanced learning, governance, and analytics capabilities of the Simpplr platform, enabling Simpplr customers to have a level of granular insights never seen before in the business space. employee experience.

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