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Job purpose:

As an SQL Data Analyst, you will help further develop our data science capabilities so that we can use the insights and predictions we can glean from our data to make better informed business decisions as well as decisions affecting software development features. and requirements.

Duties and responsibilities will include, but not be limited to

? Provide the business with the ad hoc daily reports needed to effectively manage operations.
? Work closely with the Product Owner to identify Business Intelligence solution opportunities for our business.
? Update all reports to more user-friendly interfaces for our business and our customers.

Formal skills and experience

? Matrix
? Degree in Computer Science and/or Data Science
? MS SQL Server skills
? Skills in creating SQL and stored procedures
? SSRS, Power BI skills (advantageous)
? Skills in investigation, diagnosis and problem solving
? Very strong communication skills
? 3 or more years of experience

Desired skills:

  • SQL Server Skills
  • Dignity and problem solving skills
  • Competence in creating SQL and stored procedures

Desired work experience:

  • 2 to 5 years Data Analysis / Data Warehousing

Desired level of qualification:

About the employer:

A highly professional cash management solutions company. Extremely pressurized and fast pace.

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Sean N. Ayres