Sr. Data Scientist (Remote) –

What makes Inspire an exciting place to work?

We are constantly working towards something bigger than ourselves. Our mission is what inspires and connects us. But we also make customers aware that they have a choice when it comes to choosing an energy source.

About 20% of your overall carbon emissions come from your home, which is huge. You can eliminate that 20% of your carbon footprint just by deciding to go with Inspire.

Through data, we empower our customers by informing them of their choices and empowering them to have a positive impact on the environment.

What’s unique about working on the Inspire technical team?

Between Philly and Santa Monica, we have about 60 people in our technical team. Being small, we are able to bond and work closely together. Everyone on the whole team has a role to play in creating something for customers. No group comes up with ideas or roadmaps and presents them to the rest of the group; we collectively decide what to work on and how we can work to bring Inspire’s overall mission to life.

We have created a very supportive and uplifting subculture. It’s not just about social events; it’s about asking, “How can we grow together?” How can we work better together?

How has Inspire worked to improve employees’ work-life balance during the pandemic?

Due to the permanent nature of working from home during quarantine, we have seen that people have started working longer hours and taking less PTO. Even when we told people to take time, they still seemed to check in and contribute. We have established “bonus days”, where every other Friday is free for the whole company. That way no one is working, employees don’t feel like they’re missing out, and everyone can truly relax and rejuvenate.

What qualities make someone a promising candidate at Inspire?

Everyone at Inspire is driven by the mission to expand access to clean energy and work towards a net-carbon-free future. We are therefore looking for candidates who have the same passion for taking care of our earth. We are a company of tightly-knit team players, always ready to hop on Zoom to solve problems as a team.

From a technical perspective, we’re looking for talented engineers of all skill levels, but we’re also looking for people who also think deeply about the Inspire user and build features and solutions that work for them. People interested in their careers and helping to develop the careers of those they work with share their knowledge and improve their skills.

Sean N. Ayres