SysTools Cloud Migration Service Simplifies Cloud Data Migration

Moving from one cloud to another is too complicated, the main weak points of cloud migration are implementation, downtime, team difficulties and fear of data loss. To ease the process and mitigate the risk of data loss, SysTools introduced SysTools Cloud Migration Service and it provides a smooth and frictionless data migration experience for SysTools customers.

Businesses know that moving many complex applications requires expert planning and technology solutions, and they recognize that moving to the cloud involves careful preparation and execution.

“The most difficult aspect of migrating to the cloud is its complexity; Due to the deployment structure and methods required to develop and maintain the cloud migration, most companies are looking to outsource core cloud migration services, SysTools understands this need and provides data migration experience frictionless to our customers, ”said Debasish Pramanik, Managing Director and co. -Founder of SysTools.

Simplify the cloud data migration journey: After analysis and research, the SysTools team clearly understands that many companies are concerned about the following challenges and need help planning their migration strategy and execution.

  • 60% of companies want to migrate without disrupting critical business applications
  • 43% are afraid of data loss
  • 76% of organizations lack the planning and execution of data migration
  • 58% do not have qualified internal resources

SysTools Cloud Migration software and service simplify the end-to-end journey of cloud messaging data migration, from SoW creation to migration, prerequisite settings on source and destination, pre-preparations -migration, project management (capacity planning, timeline planning and dedicated resources mission of the SysTools managed services team), remote migration of reader documents, online dashboard allowing the customer to view the Migration progress to organize the required hardware, SysTools made it easy.

Customers and partners reap the benefits of the SysTools service and can migrate faster, allowing them to allocate more of their IT money to larger operational services and important digital transformation initiatives.

According to the study, cloud migration services will grow from $ 3.2 billion in 2017 to $ 9.5 billion by 2022. “Many factors, including lower prices, flexibility, agility and security, is expected to fuel demand for cloud migration, and many organizations have yet to begin their migration due to the complexity of moving multiple applications, ”said Anurag Singh, CEO and co-founder of SysTools.

Sean N. Ayres