The life of a veteran Data Scientist in the Cleared community

Your military occupational specialty (MOS) in military service does not always match your completed career in civilian life.

Imagine that you work as an intelligence analyst, but you are good at analytical work. You leave the military and begin the job search journey and find that you can apply to multiple federal agencies performing the same tasks. But that doesn’t completely satisfy you.

Ted Hallum discovered that he liked intelligence analysis, but wanted to hone his skills to work in a growing field: data science.

There is a great need for data science and machine learning in the world of national security, but few groups are dedicated to mentoring military veterans in this area.

Data science and machine learning veterans are a valuable and supportive community for current and future data professionals with military experience, and its goal is to advance the careers of their fellow veterans through intentional sharing. of collective knowledge and experience. They support this objective through a few initiatives.


Data science and machine learning veterans offer a valuable and encouraging mentoring program for current and future data professionals with military background.

They want to create a supportive community for these professionals with military experience and envision an intentional cohort to share their collective knowledge and experience in order to advance the careers of their fellow veterans.

This pilot mentoring program used to support each other to hone their technical skills, cultivate domain expertise, develop coaching skills, improve personal marketing / branding and expand professional networks.

Mentor-mentee matches are designed to meet the specific needs of community members. For example, an experienced practitioner can support someone at an early stage in their career. An equally valuable match can also occur between individuals from very different sectors / areas of intervention; share mutual challenges, understand alternative points of view or acquire new technical skills.

The data canteen podcast

In this new project, Ted delves into the stories of data science and machine learning veterans and the institutions that support them. The Data Canteen weaves a narrative journey about veterans transitioning to data science and the paths they took to enter the profession.

You can certainly pivot your career, and your career progression doesn’t have to be traditional.

“Good things take time, but great things happen all at once. “

Sean N. Ayres