The most boring person in the world is a data analyst who likes to sleep

The most boring person in the world is a data analyst who is religious, likes to watch TV and lives in a city, according to a peer-reviewed study. The researchers revealed the most boring jobs and hobbies in society, as well as those deemed the most exciting.

Money-making professions are considered to be among the most mundane – with data analysis, accounting, insurance and banking topping the list, according to the study. He also found that watching TV and being interested in math are among the most boring hobbies.

Boring people were seen as avoiding large settlements to live in small towns and villages. The University of Essex survey, which collected the opinions of over 500 people, found that annoying people were more likely to be avoided and seen as incompetent.

During this time, the most exciting professions in society were considered to be performing arts, science, journalism, health and teaching. Lead psychology researcher Dr Wijnand Van Tilburg said: “This paper shows how persuasive perceptions of boredom are and what impact this can have on people.

“Perceptions may change, but people may not take the time to talk to those who have ‘boring’ jobs and hobbies, preferring instead to avoid them. They don’t get the chance to prove people wrong and break those negative stereotypes.

“The very fact that people choose to avoid them can lead to social ostracism and increased loneliness, which has a really negative impact on their lives.” He added: “It was interesting for me to see that the study showed that boring people weren’t seen as competent.

“I would have thought accountants would be considered boring, but efficient and the perfect person to do a good job on your tax return.
The truth is that people like bankers and accountants are very capable and powerful in society – maybe we should try not to upset them and stereotype them as boring! The full list of results is below

The five most boring jobs

  1. Data analysis
  2. Accounting
  3. Tax/Insurance
  4. Cleaning
  5. Banking

The five most exciting jobs

  1. performing arts
  2. Science
  3. Journalism
  4. Healthcare professional
  5. Education

The five most boring hobbies

  1. dormant
  2. Religion
  3. Watch television
  4. Observe the animals
  5. Mathematics

Sean N. Ayres