Top 10 platforms to get the best freelance data scientist on the market

by sirisha

April 21, 2022

While full time data scientists also have to be paid for idle time, with freelancers it’s just a gig-to-gig thing.

“Data-driven decisions” is a new slogan in business circles. If you understand what it means to say “the devil is in the details,” the thought of hiring a team of data scientists who can’t see the devil even for once will certainly make you cringe. This is how the data and details it contains are important for making an informed decision. Other than that, it is not very cheap to hire a data scientist as it is one of the most wanted and in-demand positions in the job market. According to Glassdoor, hiring an in-house data scientist will cost you around $65,000 per year. While full-time data scientists must also be paid for idle time, with freelancers it’s just a gig-to-gig thing. Here are the top 10 platforms for finding data science workers who can meet your needs.

1. Toptol:

It is one of the leading sources of independent data scientists, known for its strict verification process. Only 3% of freelance data science engineers can be featured on this website. It’s not just a post-your resume and forget about the hiring website. It tests candidates for their communication skills in addition to testing their domain expertise, particularly SQL and Python knowledge. Hiring Toptol for freelancers is risk-free and often the right person is found within 48 hours.

2. iCrunchData:

iCrunchData is an award-winning platform known for its content and job postings. If you are looking to hire freelance data scientists, this is the right platform for you. According to Glassdoor’s reviews, companies have a fairly good experience with iCrunchData in the IT and engineering fields. Their innovative approach, wide reach and unique positioning can help your business a lot, not only in talent acquisition, but also in advertising strategies.

3. Stack overflow:

A knowledge-sharing platform, established in 2008, has made leaps and bounds to become one of the top five most visited websites. The fact that more than 100 million people visit Stack Overflow’s public platform every month should be a big enough factor for companies to consider when hiring freelance data scientists. With various skill sets in view, it is a place where you have the opportunity to choose the most versatile data scientists who have deeper knowledge on a wide range of topics.

4. Open Data Science Jobs:

Open Data Science Jobs, a recruitment portal with data science-only offers, is ideal for companies looking for data science freelancers. In fact, it is one of the largest data science-only job portals that some big-budget companies like Bose, Amazon, and Accenture have used to hire data scientists. Their website receives 15,000 unique visits per month, with each offer averaging 200 views in the very first week.

5. Kaggle:

It is a popular online community for data scientists and machine learning experts. Like Github, it is a knowledge-sharing platform where participants share datasets, collaborate for coding, and compete in data science competitions. With 5 million users, and their profiles filled in on their exchanges on the technological platform, it offers recruiters a wide choice, for prospects with in-depth knowledge of the field concerned.

6. Github Jobs:

Github is the world’s best technology platform for technical experts to participate, share and contribute to different technical projects. The candidate’s expertise becomes quite evident in their profile in terms of followers, contributions, and repositories. The candidate’s popularity can be gauged in depth by simply checking how many people have forked (i.e., considered valuable by other developers) their projects. The three main things to check to find the right candidate are their followers, language, and location. By entering certain keywords correctly, you have every chance of finding your happiness.

7. Upward work:

Upwork is one of the most popular freelancing platforms on the internet if you’re looking to fill positions for immediate needs. Although it has millions of registered users, the pool of freelancers is slightly smaller due to the platform’s uncompromising selection process. With its advanced search filters, the tedious task of finding the right candidate for a specific position becomes easy. On Upwork, job seekers have a shiny badge displayed next to their profile, which gives the recruiter another quick way to sift through the right candidates.

8. Gigster:

Gigster is a hiring platform where you can find an entire full team, including team leads, data managers, and more. with a Project Analytics Manager who can act as a liaison between Gigster and the enterprise data management team. They boast of having top notch companies like Google, Microsoft, Stanford University hiring freelancers through their platform. To date, it has raised approximately $32 billion from Silicon Valley investors. Their vision statement makes it clear that they believe in helping companies build their own DNA to create life-changing products – a clue for recruiters looking for the perfect match.

9. Simply Hired:

Just like Indeed and Monster, it is another general job site, which has a lot of resources, from salary recommendations to hiring guides, the differentiating factor being its low price. You can start searching for salary estimators and posting in a hundred networks on hundreds of job boards in no time. Browse data science jobs collected by location and see if posting a job on Simply Hired is worth it.

10. Kolabtree:

Unlike other freelance platforms, Kolabtree specializes in consulting services, instead of using pricing and quality of freelancers as distinguishing metrics. Just in case if you are only looking for consulting services, this platform is the right choice. All of their freelancers are PhD scientists, academics, and subject matter experts who can help companies with their valuable expertise in solving complex problems.

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