Tredence bets big on $30 billion data migration and modernization market

The strategic direction expands the company’s vision to enable end-to-end transformation of the data estate, including innovative multi-cloud data migration and modernization solutions.

SAN JOSE, CA., August 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tredence Inc., a leading data science solutions provider focused on solving the last mile problem in AI, announced investments and capacity building partnerships to expand and strengthen its “data to cloud” migration and modernization solutions that will accelerate data and AI outcomes for its enterprise clients.

Each enterprise data modernization initiative brings its own sets of characteristics and challenges that need to be addressed contextually. Siled data locked away in legacy systems and outdated modernization and analytics approaches are the biggest hurdles to becoming an information-driven organization.

Tredence’s relentless focus on creating business transformation value for industries accelerates data migration with advanced data migration and modernization solutions and multi-cloud, cross-platform, enterprise-class analytics that leverage the highest degree of AI-based automation. The company accelerates end-to-end integrated data management across the data lifecycle, including data discovery, reengineering, migration, data and application modernization, quality improvement, data governance, privacy and democratization.

The three steps of this strategy are:

  1. Speed ​​of action through data migration and AI-enabled analytics, modernization accelerators in data lifecycle management. This incorporates data platform discovery, data discovery, data migration, data catalog, data enrichment, and data quality.
  2. Scaling speed leveraging its strategic partnerships with all major cloud hyperscalers, as well as data and AI platform ISVs. The company recently partnered with Bladebridge to transform the state of its customers’ data, cloud infrastructure, and provide a comprehensive suite of data and AI offerings.
  3. Speed ​​of valuation By accelerating data migration and modernization times with its innovative solutions, Tredence plans to reduce overall data estate transformation costs and deliver transformational value faster, leveraging its broad industry solutions and accelerators . Tredence invests 5% of its turnover in R&D. The company’s AI Innovation Center of Excellence currently employs more than 100 data scientists and engineers working in industry and functional accelerators.

The three-pronged approach allows Tredence to leverage the $30 billion data migration and modernization market and accelerate the return on investment of data assets for all its enterprise customers in a seamless end-to-end movement.

“Companies are struggling to predict new customer behaviors and are constantly evaluating, refining and updating their analytical models. Tredence invests heavily in building capacity in building ‘data in the cloud’ solutions for enterprises To that end, we are collaborating with an ecosystem of partners to develop migration and modernization strategies and solutions that transform businesses into knowledge-driven organizations,” said Sumit Mehrachief technology officer and co-founder of Tredence.

“Every business today relies on real-time data and insights to stay agile and competitive in a highly dynamic global business environment. However, for most businesses, generating insights and adopting the latest mile remain a pipe dream without clear and effective data modernization.Our data migration and modernization solutions simplify data transformation and dramatically reduce time to value, operationalizing modern cloud-based data platforms,” said Soumendra MohantyChief Strategy Officer and Chief Innovation Officer, Tredence.

Tredence was recently recognized by Databricks as 2022 Retail and Packaged Goods Partner of the Year and 2022 Microsoft Analytics Partner of the Year, highlighting the transformative value of data and AI that it offers to all its corporate clients.

About Tredence Inc.

Tendency is a global data science solutions provider focused on solving the last mile problem in AI. The “last mile” is the gap between creating insights and realizing value. Based in San Jose, the company takes a vertical approach and results-driven mindset to help clients earn and accelerate the realization of value from their analytics investments. Tredence is certified as a Great Place to Work and as a “Leader” in the Forrester Wave: Customer Analytics Services. Tredence has more than 1,700 employees with offices in San Jose, Foster City, Chicago, London, Toronto and Bangalore, with top retail, CPG, high tech, telecommunications, healthcare, travel and industrial companies like clients.

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