UF Health appoints chief data scientist

Jiang Bian, Ph.D., has been named UF Health’s Chief Data Scientist, with the goal of helping researchers break new ground in using biomedical informatics to improve policy and practice health care.

Bian will develop and support data scientists across data types and diseases, help improve research infrastructure, and expand research efforts in data science and translational science. He will also work to develop a hub for computational health sciences with other stakeholders to advance research in data science and artificial intelligence.

Bian, who will also remain Professor and Director of Cancer Informatics and Core Ehealth with the Department of Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics at UF College of Medicine, will report to Gigi Lipori, MT, MBA, Director information and senior vice president of UF Health.

“Chief Data Scientist is a new leadership role for the University Health Center as we face exciting growth and investment in data applications, biomedical informatics and new technologies,” said Lipori. “Dr. Bian will provide strategic vision and leadership in partnership with our teams and leaders, including the Director of Medical Information, Director of Research Information and others.

For the academic components of the role, he will report to William Hogan, MD, director of biomedical informatics at UF College of Medicine for the Department of Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics.

With a bachelor’s degree in architectural environment and equipment engineering from Tongji University in Shanghai, China, Bian went on to obtain a master’s degree in computer science and a doctorate in integrated computer science from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He began his career as a software engineer at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, first as a senior application analyst for research programs, then as a computer research manager, with a joint appointment as assistant professor in the department of biomedical informatics, before joining UF in 2015.

Bian describes himself as a “data junkie” dedicated to creating user-friendly tools to help clinicians make more informed decisions for the benefit of quality care.

Bian said his research has focused on data-driven applied medical informatics, including machine learning methods for solving big data problems in medicine; harness the Internet to better understand health-related behaviors and health outcomes to promote public and consumer health; and developing new computing resources to support patient care and clinical research.

“This new position allows me to augment the existing strong data and research infrastructure to advance data science and AI research, but also translate these efforts to impact clinical and health outcomes. in the real world,” he said.

Lipori said, “We look forward to a rewarding partnership with Dr. Bian on data integration, expanding collaboration with decision support and research departments on integrated data repositories, and with colleagues across the organization for the benefit of our teachers and staff stakeholders.

David R. Nelson, UF Health Senior Vice President for Healthcare Affairs and President of UF Health, called this time of innovation for UF Health.

“Using large datasets to monitor patient outcomes and improve healthcare delivery is where we are focusing our AI efforts in medicine,” he said. “And Dr. Bian’s appointment as Chief Data Scientist for UF Health is an example of our commitment to being at the forefront in this environment.”

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Sean N. Ayres