Want to be a Data Scientist in the United States? Here’s what you need to know

As 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced every day, every business needs a skilled and knowledgeable professional to organize and maintain the data as well as analyze it to deliver robust business solutions. The Harvard Business Review called data scientists the sexiest job of the 21st century because they aid in high-level decision-making by identifying trends and building sound strategies.

Additionally, data scientist jobs are also rated as the most in-demand jobs in the US by Glassdoor for four consecutive years. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that by 2026, the demand for qualified and skilled data scientists will increase, resulting in a 27.9% increase in employment. However, this huge demand has also resulted in a significant shortage of qualified professionals.

And now, educational institutions have come forward to alleviate the shortage by revamping existing data science programs or creating new ones, with an industry-related curriculum. This has led to an increase in data science programs to 50 by September 2020 from 13 in 2014 in the United States.

Data Science Career Prospects

Regardless of the industry, a career in data science offers competitive job opportunities and high salaries. The Bureau of Labor Statistics also predicted that there would be robust growth rates between 2019 and 2029 for various data science careers like operations research analysts (25%), computer systems analysts (7%), information scientists and computational research (15%). and market research analysts (18%).

Data science careers in the United States tend to offer comparatively higher salaries than the national average. For example, depending on an individual’s experience, they can earn up to $100,560 per year. However, the exact salary will vary depending on degrees, location, industry, experience, and employer.

Nonetheless, a study by McKinsey Global Institute said there will be a shortage of nearly 190,000 professionals with data science and deep analytics skills in the United States alone by 2028. And as the Big Trend Data keeps growing, companies are rushing to hire qualified and skilled data scientists who will take care of the big data of enterprises.

It can be said that the leading economy of the United States offers aspiring data scientists a promising job market with a high average base salary. Now, this also makes the United States one of the favorite destinations for learners to pursue their higher education and settle down.

Some of the best universities that learners can go to to pursue their masters degree in the USA in Data Science are University of Michigan, Clark University, Yeshiva University, New York University, Columbia, UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins University, University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Harvard and Stanford. Moreover, to meet the demand, keeping in mind the accessibility, affordability and current uncertainties posed by the Omicron virus, learners can also opt for online EdTechs offering Data Science courses in partnership with some of these top universities with the option of on-campus studies and the possibility of applying for 3 years STEM OPT. Data science programs typically focus on analysis and research, teaching learners how to turn raw data into more actionable and useful information.

A successful data scientist career requires strategic thinking, knowledge of statistics, and coding skills. In addition to this, some of the other in-demand skills that are essential for obtaining many career opportunities include:

  • Industry knowledge and creative thinking
  • Skill in Deep Learning Framework: Pytorch, Keras, TensorFlow
  • Neural networks and machine learning
  • Databases: NoSQL and SQL
  • Working knowledge of Spark and Hadoop
  • Applied Mathematics and Statistics
  • Programming languages: Java, Python, R

While the United States has successfully continued to be the beacon of discipline and career prospects by offering relevant niche courses and the right infrastructure, a top-quality education ultimately translates into the best career opportunities. jobs such as:

  • Machine Learning Engineer: INR 83 04 217 ($111,600)
  • Data Visualization Specialist: INR 56,60,038 ($76,065)
  • Data Architect: INR 86,16,742 ($115,800)
  • Data Engineer: INR 86,74,166 ($116,591)
  • Database Administrator: INR 54,16,193 ($72,800)
  • Data Scientist: INR 71,79,091 ($96,494)
  • Big Data Engineer: INR 85,42,561 ($114,800)
  • Data Analyst: INR 54,59,797 ($73,372)
  • Business Intelligence Analyst: INR 50,30,288 ($67,600)
  • Business Analyst: INR 53,58,164 ($72,000)
  • Statistician: INR 53,65,606 ($72,100)
  • Analytical Engineer: INR 82,96,224 ($111,480)

Learners can also opt for positions such as financial analysts, business analysts, and similar roles involving the analysis, management, and storage of big data. In addition to getting a Masters in Data Science, learners can also get their Masters in Data Analytics in the USA to work in data administration and management.

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Sean N. Ayres