What it’s like to be a data scientist, best job in America right now

What does being a data scientist entail?

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Data science may be popular right now, but many data scientists Business Insider spoke to said the field is still loosely defined.

“Data science is more of a business than a job title,” Kevin Safford, senior data scientist at data management platform Umbel, told Business Insider. “To accomplish this activity, you typically need a team of people with different backgrounds and expertise. No one person will be expert in all of the underlying skills necessary for a successful data science initiative.”

Data scientists tend to work with data analysis programs and algorithms to extract meaning from data, often using high-performance computers to do this.

“What a true data scientist does is take data — it can be big, small, from a variety of sources — and interpret it for your client or your employer,” Walker said.

“We have the ability to evaluate existing methodologies and come up with new ones, and apply in-depth research coupled with enormous computing power, which was unavailable until recently,” Business told Business. Kyrylo Pogrebenko, a data scientist at digital marketing platform Impact Radius. Initiated.

But don’t confuse data scientists with similarly named professions like data analysts and business analysts.

“I think a common element to understanding what data science is and how it differs from other similar types of professions is really, when you think about it, highlighting and emphasizing the word science,” Safford said. “It’s about applying the principles of the scientific method to solving business problems.”

Sean N. Ayres