WhatsApp now supports data migration from Android to iPhone

Photo by Dimitri Karastelev on Unsplash.

Android users who are hesitant to jump into the iOS ecosystem just because Apple doesn’t let you migrate easily WhatsApp data from your Android device to an iPhone can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Just a year ago, the Meta-owned messaging platform enabled support for chat transfer from iOS to Android. However, the option to do the same in the opposite direction was missing. Fortunately, the company officially announced today that it is adding support for transfers from Android to iOS via a statement from Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

He wrote: “We are adding to WhatsApp the ability to securely switch between phones and transfer your chat history, photos, videos and voicemails between Android and iPhone while maintaining end-to-end encryption. This is a highly requested feature. We launched the iPhone -> Android capability change last year, and now we’re adding Android -> iPhone as well.

The news is god sent for India’s 450 million WhatsApp users and supporting seamless data transfer between the two operating system ecosystems will only improve the user experience. For too long, users have had to rely on third-party apps to migrate data between these two ecosystems. The problem was that in Android the data is usually stored in the Google cloud and in iOS the data is stored in the iCloud. There was no compatibility between the two, not until today.

In a blog post On its website, WhatsApp has added a new FAQ section on “how to migrate your WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone”. The company has put together a step-by-step guide to help Android users effortlessly transfer their data to their new iPhone.

Before migrating the data, however, the company said the Android user needs to do a few things. First, the user’s Android device must be Android 5 or above. Second, the target iPhone must have iOS 15.5 or above installed. Third, the Move to iOS app must be installed on their Android phone. The user should ensure that the version of WhatsApp on both phones is updated to the latest version. The user must use the same phone number for both devices. Finally, the iPhone must be brand new or factory reset to pair with the Move to iOS app on the Android device.

How to Migrate WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone

  1. Open the Migrate to iOS app on your Android phone and follow the onscreen prompts.
  2. A code will be displayed on your iPhone. When prompted, enter the code on your Android phone.
  3. Faucet Continue and follow the on-screen prompts.
  4. Select WhatsApp on the Transfer data filter.
  5. Faucet BEGINNING on your Android phone and wait for WhatsApp to prepare the data for export. You will be logged out of your Android phone once the data is prepared.
  6. Faucet NEXT to return to the Migrate to iOS app.
  7. Faucet CONTINUE to transfer data from your Android phone to your iPhone and wait for Move to iOS to confirm that the transfer is complete.
  8. Install the latest version of WhatsApp from the App Store.
  9. Open WhatsApp and sign in using the same phone number you used on your old device.
  10. Faucet Begin when prompted, and let the process complete.
  11. Finish activating your new device and you’ll see your cats waiting for you.

The Move to iOS app will be available on the Google Play Store in the coming weeks. Apart from supporting transfer of WhatsApp chat data, files, contacts and more, the app will also review apps on a user’s Android device and see if any similar apps exist on the App Store. from Apple. If they do, the user will be notified and the user can simply tap the icons to finish downloading the apps on their new iPhone device.

Sean N. Ayres